Jackass people sure do piss me off.

DUMB LADIES in the office can't even finish one stupid schedule, and swimming sucks. The majority of the team are immature assholes. I TAKE BACK EVERY GOOD THOUGHT ABOUT IT! I can't stand the coach. He sets a good example for dead-beats, and the stupid girls. OMFG. I was on the verge of drowning them. At least this is the last week of it. Oh, plus, I can't try out for soccer because I would have to skip swim practice for it and the coach would kill me for not showing up.

But, you know what. School wasn't all that bad. I had no trouble in classes, and I had a good social hour.

I've never been as angry as I was today.=(
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I'm all aloneeeee.

So it's third period again and I have yet to get a class to go to. Hmmpphhh. I decided to venture to the media center for the remaining 30 minutes until lunch. Soo. They said my schedule will be done by tomorrow, hopefully.

Uhhh yeah.

Not much else to say....

umm. I'll... update whenever I get the chance.

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love is in the air, everywhere.

So, I got my scheduled changed and all. Now I don't have my 6th period english anymore =( That was class was awesome. But, I do have Mr. K(?) with Erin now. I don't know if I should be happy or sad that I just lost my only class with "certain people".

We had conference today. Woot. That was funn! I had a 200 free (came in last, lol) and a 100 back (came in second to last but improved my time by 2 seconds woo!) I'm pretty stoked for districts now. It was fricking cold on the morning but got really hot towards the afternoon.

Anyways, uh well My parents want Ms. Bowens to change my grade ( a D ) before report cards. Long story... I'm not even supposed to be online right now.

But, wowzers. Last week sucked and well.. this weekend has started out good with the whole conference and all. I have to go buy stuff for my "secret swimmer".

I'll update at school or when my parents aren't watching me like hawks.

P.S. I really really hope this week is better than last week.
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Yesterday was just a horrible day for me. I have a psycho 3rd period teacher, and I have a D in that class. Plus, I'm grounded "forever". I don't know if my parents are serious, but I'm not going to ask. And now, I'm at school. I have to go talk to the administrator about my 3rd period teacher in first period, and I have to attempt to get a schedule change in the middle of the year. Can you believe this?? I have so much shit going on. UGH.

Everything just sucks right now. And life is not fair at all.

Erin where art thouuuuuuuuuu when thy needth?!!! AHHHH.
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omfggggggggg felicia is being so annoying and rude.

My parents bought me my aquarium and a bunch of stuff to put in it. yay.

Report cards come out soon :'( I'm so afraid of what I have in math.


On the bright side of things:

I found out some good news.

I bought two new books and a shirt. Ah haaaa. One book is all about The Origins Of Species. Interesting, huh? huh? huh? ohh yes. And the others just some mumbojumbo Chinese girl biography. yeah, I'm leaning more towards the Charles Darwin book.

Tomorrow I plan to buy my aquarium for my club. I decided I'm putting it in Ms. Porter's room and not Mrs. Cullum's room. I hope when I break the news to her there wont be any drama.

My parents decided to try that "Johnny Carrinos" place that was just built. We had to get it to go since there was just too man people there. It was pretty good.

I'm in a better mood than I was like.. 5 seconds ago. Knowing that people are okay, and that in a couple of minutes I'm going to sit down and watch some DVDs is very assuring.
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