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Purple Queen

How Girly *cough* Bimbo-ish am I?

Posted on 2006.04.18 at 16:32
Current Location: That little pittoresque if boring little Scottish town
Current Mood: weirdneurotic
Current Music: Buddy Holly - Weezer
[ ] my fingernails/toenails are almost always painted
[ ] during the summer pretty much the only shoes i wear are flip flops
[x] my favorite toy as a child were barbies - A favourite - I loved my circus and zoo set and my k'nex and lego
[x ] my favorite color is pink or purple - dark purple to be specific
[x] i did Gymnastics - *ahem* Sexist that girls should do gymnastics more than girls!
[] i love skirts - hate my legs
[ ] hollister is one of my favorite place to shop
[ ] tight jeans are the only jeans i'll wear - what about guys in tight jeans, lol?
[x] i love chocolate
[] i've never had a real job - is working at primark a real job and what makes you any more girly if you've never had one?

[x ] my hair is straightened
[x ] i have at least 8 myspace pictures
[] i usually go shopping once a week
[] i like to hang out at the mall with friends
[] i have a real diamond ring or diamond necklace
[] i've gone to a tanning salon
[] ive gone to the beach to tan - not to swim
[ ] i have at least 10 pairs of shoes
[ ] i watch either the OC or Laguna Beach
[x ] i change my icon weekly - on mni
[ ] i wear a shower cap

[ ] I would NEVER step foot into Hot Topic
[ ] my cell phone might as well become a part of me
[] i wear mascara everyday
[x] i've been or am on a diet
[ ] bathing suits are adorable
[ ] i dont know the difference between a sheep and a goat.
[ ] big sunglasses are hott
[x ] i have gotten my nails done
[ ] i own over 10 purses
[x] MTV is my one of my favorite channels

This quiz is sexist!!!  It should be renamed to how much of a bimbo are you?!!!

[ ] all i want to do at sleepovers is talk about boys
[x] i love to have other girls do my hair
[x] i give and receive hugs from all my friends
[x] hate bugs, snakes, lizards, spiders - I like snakes and lizards!!!
[x ] carnivals are so fun!! - says the kid in me, not the girl!
[ ] summer is THE best season
[ ] my swimsuit has 2 pieces
[x] im waiting for my knight in shining armor
[x] musicians are so hot
[] you write me a poem and tell me im beautiful and im all yours

[x] i am self-conscious.
[ ] i cry often
[ ] my car smells like vanilla
[x] my dishes get washed more then once a week
[x] i dont do sports
[] i HATE to run
[ ] i squeal when i am surprised or angry
[] i eat dried fruit as a snack
[] i love romance novels
[x] Drew Barrymore is so cute

[] i dance a lot.
[x ] i usually spend over an hour to get ready to leave my house
[x] only have like 5 billion hair products
[x] i love to get dressed up.
[] every part of my outfit needs to match
[ ] i talk on the phone at least once a day to a few of my friends
[ ] i would love to have a photo shoot of myself
[ ] price on clothes hardly matters
[ ] i apply lip gloss 50 times a day
[ ] i wish i were a model

[ ] i wish i could meet Paris Hilton - Oh God - But she's so boring and I wouldn't want to hurt her, lol.
[ ] i have been something that was semi slutty on halloween
[ ] i own Uggs
[ ] Hip Hop is the best music
[ ] i pop my collar
[ ] i like to be the center of attention
[ ] guys with Mohawks are crazy
[x] horses are beautiful
[ ] i'd rather not pay attention in school
[x] cats are adorable

[ ] i write my own music
[x] i would love to visit Hawaii
[ ] valentines day is soo cute!
[ ] white is better than black
[ ] i wouldn't be caught dead in all black
[ ] my closet is STOCK FULL of clothes
[x] i hate the grunge look of a beard - Hmm... Not sure.  Very few guys suit it.  If any facial hair at all it should be nicely trimmed.
[ ] i love to read gossip magazines - only at the hairdressers, lol.

[X] i love to gossip
[ ] i had Lisa Frank folders, posters as a kid
[ ] i love Celine dion
[ ] My bubble baths are 2 hr long
[ ] my wedding only needs a groom because it's already planned
[ ] my friends and i are in a strict group
[ ] i like children
[x] diet drinks are ok
[ ] i'm all about being vegetarian
[x]i refuse to eat at McDonalds - most of the time - prefer subway.

[ ] i check my myspace everyday.
[] i have a lot of jewlery
[ ] claires has cheap jewlery
[ ] my screen names have x's in them
[ ] either one of my myspace names has/had <3/?'s in them
[] i would never want to be the opposite sex - I'd love to experience it for a day or so ^_^
[x ] it's not what he/she said it's the way he/she said it
[x] i have more than 3 pillows on my bed - pillows rock!!!


32% Girly *cough* Bimbo-ish!


History versus Science - History Wins People!!!!!!!!

Posted on 2006.04.05 at 19:22
Current Location: In my pokey little computer room in pokey Scottish town
Current Mood: weirdperky
Current Music: Saint-Saens - Symphony No 3 (BEAUTIFUL!!!)
I visited the Glasgow Science Centre today with my family and the only word to describe it was well... Meh!  Give me the Chambers Street Museum in Edinburgh any day.


Maybe it's because I don't have scientific leanings?  I still think it was designed for the under 10s though.  There was this giant keyboard and I had fun making tunes on it with my feet and then somebody told me it was for 7's and unders - blasted!  Everything seemed to either be for young kids or be immensely boring.  I don't think I learned that much.  I expected it to be impressive like most museums and things like that but to be frank - I wisnae impressed!

Anyway, we went shopping later in Glasgow and I found the most beautiful set of earings and a necklace in a charity shop!!!!!!  I love 'em....


All for a fiver!  
Bigger pictures of the necklace and earings!Collapse )

spidey kiss

Kills Metaphysical Poets with Sharp Pointy Stick

Posted on 2006.04.04 at 17:39
Current Mood: frustratedbored to death
Current Music: Danse Macabre - Saint Saens
Extremely bored and crazed! 

The divine poets!  Garrr!!!!  Of a few hours trying to plan a flipping essay on the divine poets!  I want to kill them.  Honestly!  You try interpreting the following when you haven't even gone over it in class.

  At the round earth's imagin'd corners, blow
    Your trumpets, angels, and arise, arise
    From death, you numberless infinities
    Of souls, and to your scatter'd bodies go;
    All whom the flood did, and fire shall o'erthrow... (it continues)

I mean I understand the bloody thing.  I just can't write the flipping essay on it!

Anyway, watched the Narnia film last night and it was amazing! One of those films I should of seen in the cinema.  Although I think I was tied up in my english dissertation (and other numerous dissertations) at that point in time.  I love Lucy though ^_^  She's so sweet.  And Mr Tumnus was perfectly cast!   (And hey - he's Scottish too! ^_^)

I just looked up IMBD right now and it says that there is going to be another Narnia film on 'Prince Caspian'.  To be quite honest I only ever read the first two books but I have the whole chronicles sitting in this beautifully illustrated book in my room.  I'm going to start reading it all again later!

Survey madness - Nicked from Keria and NiervaCollapse )


It's SNOW m'dears!!!!

Posted on 2006.03.12 at 12:20
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: (Labyrinth Soundtrack) David Bowie - As the World Falls Down

It's snowing really heavily!!!!  I've experienced snow so deep in the 18 years I have been on this earth!!!  Not even when I went to Poland in November last year.  And it's not just here it's all over Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England!  This is Aberdeen style snow, not snow you see in the Central Belt of Scotland...

I went 'snap happy' with the camera this morning...


It's snow, m'dears SNOW *frolics*Collapse )

spidey kiss

EDINBURGH! Be very scared...

Posted on 2006.02.27 at 21:17
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: Queen - Dreamer's Ball
.... I just got accepted into your Uni.  


One for History 
And the other for Archaeology and Social Anthropology!!!!

I'm smiling like a coat hanger has just been shoved in my mouth. One is uber-hyper.


What Superhero are you? ^_^

Posted on 2006.02.24 at 17:34
Current Music: David Bowie - Prettiest Star
Your results:
You are Superman
Iron Man
Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

60% both for Spiderman and Superman

Purple Queen

A Handwriting Test Just Read My Mind????!!!!

Posted on 2006.02.18 at 01:38
Current Mood: surprisedamazed
Current Music: Ramones - Spiderman Theme
Fiona just put this link up http://www.quantumenterprises.co.uk/graphonomizer.asp in a forum for a Handwriting Assessment - It starts off pretty untrue of me but slowly develops into a psychoanalysis that feels like my head cut open with a pizza cutter and slowly examined.


This test is trying to tell me I'm slightly assertative. On the verge of being moderately ambitious. That I'm almost extremely worldly. And have no independence, submissiveness, perfectionism, aggression and extraversion

^ How wrong it is.

To begin the analysis, the subject's handwriting shows some rigidity and tautness, as if the forward movement of the pen has been carefully restrained. This indicates a somewhat more conformist and conventional personality than the average. The subject leans more to the conventional in dress and behaviour.

^ I AM NOT CONFORMIST, conventional and if the general public had the chance then they would admit I can be a right freak with my fashion choice.

Hell - I wore black and white stripy jumpers long before they were in fashion.

The presence of anchor strokes, curved lines which connect some words with the baseline of the script, shows that the subject is likely to have strong views and express them frankly. Her opinions, however, will generally conform to social pressures, and she will not seek to actively challenge authority.

^ That's more like it but I do not conform to social pressures and generally have strong urges to challenge authority - I walked out of orchestra in a rage with my conductor, Mr Jones... Hence the reason I say there is some aggressiveness in there.

The heavy pressure used in the script indicates that the subject has an above average activity level. She enjoys having plenty to do and dislikes being delayed or obstructed. She has a need to work off excess energy in an active occupation or leisure pursuit.

^ Very true. I get bored easily and always make myself something to do. In fact, I consider sleep an annoying barrier to doing worthwhile things. Hence the modern studies dissertation work at midnight.

The subject has a signature that is larger than 85% of the population. She sees herself in a relative position of power and responsibility, with greater feelings of self-importance and worth.
The large signature also ties in with the assertive nature of the subject. The subject is confident in her approach to life. (See below for a full description of the subject's assertive personality).
The subject has a strong need to succeed in all things she does. She hates to loose and will appear to be a strong competitor.

^ I do have a fear of failure and a strong need to succeed (that's probably why the university offers thing is bothering me so much). But I hate being in big positions of power too often...

Certain embellishments within the handwriting indicate quite a high level of worldliness or sophistication. The subject has a desire to appear worldly, sophisticated or poised. She may often seem somewhat emotionally detached and superficial in personal relationships. She will appear socially aware and may even exploit relationships to help achieve success. She may sometimes appear sceptical in her approach to life, with a lower faith in human nature.

^ Haha...

Worldliness and sophistication ^_^ I'm so sceptical its unreal.. You can never be certain about anything (I think therefore I am yadayada)

The comparative height of the capital letters to the 'ascenders' in the script indicates that the subject has a mildly assertive personality. In conjunction with a large signature this means that she will be more confident and dominant in relationships and can find it relatively easy to strike up conversation with strangers.

^ Since when did I find it easy to strike up convos with strangers... Unless it's online of course.

She is likely to speak out forthrightly and can defend herself quite well if under attack. In a quarrel she could argue quite openly to defend her rights. She is more likely to complain about shoddy goods or poor service.

^ Yup ^_^ I'm currently planning to write a letter to the local bus company about the expense of travelling on a full fare.

She would make a good leader, but may be intolerant of other people if their views clash with her own. She prefers to be taken seriously and may become irritated if she is not.

I can take other people's views.... I think Lol... Funny - I just had an incident online where I was called silly when putting forward a serious point of view and almost bit their head off.

Several 't' bars in the script point downwards, which indicates that the subject exhibits a certain degree of ambition.
She has an above average drive to obtain goals and objectives, and likes to succeed at things that she attempts. Obstacles are often regarded as challenges to be overcome, and she likes competition and action.
This characteristic, in conjunction with a large signature, shows that once the subject has set herself a goal, she may be a difficult person to stop.
The heavy pressure used in the handwriting exaggerates this need for achievement further.

^ So true. I aim to set a reading target over the summer holidays, including how much more history I can learn.

There are some indications within the handwriting of compulsive behaviour.
Compulsiveness is an anxiety reducing strategy in which the subject makes a ritual out of many of the most trivial aspects of life. When attempting to solve problems which cause anxiety, she will attempt to do so by constant and repetitive efforts. This will be maintained, even if the problem turns out to be insoluble.

No I do not have a thread on studentroom.co.uk that looks at the idea of some Unis submitting results alphabetically *whistles*

Such an exaggerated determination means that the subject is often regarded by others as being conscientious.

^ OMG I get conscientious on EVERY school report!!!

However, because of these rigid problem solving strategies she finds it difficult to look at problems from a fresh angle and to consider a different method of approach.


Often, this rigid problem solving procedure, whether at work or in personal relationships, is not an attempt to reach a solution but a defence reaction. Typical compulsions are checking the doors and windows a prescribed number of times each night, even if one check would be sufficient, worrying about 'bad' thoughts for fear that they will come true, and checking and re-checking every piece of work to avoid any possibility of mistake. All these, and many other forms of compulsive behaviour are best summed up as 'not being able to leave well alone'.

I'm gobsmacked. This report is going from completely false to voila... You have Sarah.

At present, the subject's level of compulsive behaviour is probably a mild inconvenience, but it could prove to dominate her existence. This should be taken as a warning sign to take life rather less seriously, to strive for less perfection, precision and order, and to relax more often.

Umm... But I can't...

There are a few indications in the handwriting that, at the time of writing, the subject was suffering from mild stress. This may be temporary, for example if she was upset, tired, or working against a deadline. However, the subject may be living at an unacceptable level of stress, one which is beginning to affect her physical well being.
These are warning signs in the handwriting, and indicate that the subject should pause and reflect on those aspects of her lifestyle which may be causing long-term difficulties. She should try to reduce them whenever possible, relax more frequently, check her diet, and perhaps take more exercise. Stress can be beneficial, but if allowed to get out of control, it may prove a hazard to mental and physical health.




Account of Visiting Auschwitz...

Posted on 2006.01.15 at 10:40
Current Mood: okayho hum
Current Music: Queen - Tenement Funster

On the plane journey back from Poland, on November 23rd every person who'd visited Auschwitz was asked to write up an account of the trip.  Highly sleep-deprived, we all wrote up something about it.  Fiona sent me a link which made me feel entirely shocked to find both Fiona and my sleep-deprived writings are on the net.  How was it that only our two got chosen?

Anyway, this is Fiona's account.  It reads very well - http://www.jimmurphymp.com/ViewPage.cfm?Page=17111&Edit=Y

And this is my account of the excursion - http://www.jimmurphymp.com/ViewPage.cfm?Page=17112&Edit=Y

And the bit where I blabbered on about the trips connection to my studies >_< Oh dear...*cringes*

Posted on 2005.12.22 at 13:36
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed (but not for long)
Current Music: Iron Butterfly - In a Gadda da Vida

On the fence about religion.  On the fence about Christmas.  Truly piked on the fence when it comes to arguing against my 8.45 to 5pm hours at Primark on Christmas Eve.

Ho hum.

I 'finished' my first draft of the English dissertation on the duality of human nature using Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson and The Picture of Dorian Gray.  It's like 1,869 words over the limit but hey-!  Here's my attempts to sound academic and smartie-pants whilst talking well...utter *excrement*

‘…Man is not truly one but two, I say two because the state of my own knowledge does not pass beyond that point.  Others will follow, others will outstrip me on the same lines; and I hazard the guess that man will be ultimately known for a mere polity of multifarious, incongruous, and independent denizens.’[1]

(Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde)


The dual nature of humanity emerged as a scientific, psychological and literary theme, which only truly developed following the turn of the nineteenth century, whereupon the epochs of Romanticism and the Enlightenment are reflected within it. Whilst poetry, art and literature led a focus upon strong emotion and aesthetic experience[2], philosophy, science and politics, experienced an intellectual revolution[3] and this combination proved to create ideal circumstances for the development of such a theme.

  Gothic fiction was transformed.  No longer were the objects of terror concentrated in otherworldly supernatural subjects such as ghosts and devils, religious antitheses such as in Matthew Gregory Lewis’ ‘The Monk’ or the now clichéd, gothic backdrops of weathered castles and labyrinth monasteries.  The psychological aspects of humanity became a much more predominant factor of the genre, where doubles, alter egos and ‘animated representations of the disturbing parts of human identity’ became stock devices.[4]

  The novels ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley (1818), ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’ by Robert Louis Stevenson (1886) and ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde (1891), when examined as a whole, are able to provide a captivating account on the development of the theme of duality throughout the nineteenth century and the development of the theme within the three protagonists of each book.

[1] Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and Other Tales of Terror, Penguin Books Ltd (London), 2003,  pp.55-56

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanticism

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Enlightenment

[4] Fred Botting, Gothic,Routledge (London), 2002, P.11


Oh and just yoinked this off moo_urns.  Aparently, if you have seen over 70 you have no life, not that I err..need this to tell me that.  Well let's see..


Do I err.. have a life?Collapse )

Purple Queen

*eughrgleurgh* Brain not working today...

Posted on 2005.11.15 at 15:31
Current Mood: thirstythirsty
Current Music: KT Tunstall - Suddenly I see

General tiredness in the past two days have meant I seem to have lost the ability to string sentences together so excuse me for the lack of writing...

I have the Halloween pics I meant to put up weeks ago!  Those are under the cut.

Anyway!!!  I must see Harry Potter as soon as possible!  I'm hoping to go this Friday or something.  Shakespeare, Poland and Harry Potter *whee* :D  I think it will be a shock to the system to find myself doing several million things after this boredom.  Quite simply, I haven't written much lately in LJ because there's been nothing to say!  Unless you want to hear me natter on about how much I just want a university to accept me!!! 

Oh dear.

Pumpkin and DeAd BuNnyCollapse )

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