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13 September
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I claimed Funeral For A Friend, Matt Davies and 'This Years Most Open Heartbreak' - Funeral For A Friend at xbandclaims

I claimed This Years Most Open Heartbreak - Funeral For A Friend at song_claims
[VENGEANCE ICON MADE BY i_n_s_i_p_i_d]

[please don't add me for the sake of adding me. we share interests? good - i love talking to people who share my interests, especially if you like avenged sevenfold <3333 add away, dahlings. and if you think we may get along, then fine. but if you just need to boost your friends list, go somewhere else. i may not like you, you probably will not like me. oh, i'm not a complete bitch for writing this. just speaking the truth <3
oh, and the whole 'LyK ReAlLy CoOl WaY tO wRiTe' thing? it's not big, it's not clever, and it's not cool. so stop it.]

good things
+ romantic people + snow + people that acknowledge my existance / accept me for who i am + tension free zones + music [especially music of the a7x/mcr/etc... variety <3] + friends + zacky vengeance ♥ + being in 'love' + singingxdrummersxcore + writing songs + playing bass + more things.

bad things
- arguments - rain - being upset / lonely - i do complain a lot, but in a good way <3 - no music - jealousy - bad grammar/spelling - general twats - the whole 'i'm so much better than you' attitude - more things also.
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