A degree is useless.

I do not care about rational thought. I do not care about key dualisms. Whyyyyyy do I have to write an essay about it?

I'm starting to think this degree business just isn't worth it. I'd rather be working full time behind the Clarins counter. At least I'd look pretty, and didn't have to think too hard. Booooo.

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I want to hate you so bad...but I can't stop this anymore than you can.

since when did guys get so fucking confusing?

one minute i'm fine with him, and we're going well.
the next i'm so confused & i don't have a clue where we're heading, and I'm too scared to ask him about it.

& what makes it worse...
he's so brilliantly amazing that I can't stop myself.
there's something about him, and it just sounds so ridiculous when I say it out loud, I know.
and I hate it!
hate it hate it hate it.

note to self:
become a lesbian.
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Slight bit of major neglect going on here.

WELL; i've started college.
it's all good.
i've been stalking a realllly hot guy.
which is even better.

if anyone wants to know anything else, just ask.
i'm done.

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Daddy-long-legs scare the fuck out of me.
Seriously, I cannot stand them. Erghhhhhh.

I haven't updated for a while. It's because I suck, indeed.
I've had absolutely nothing to talk about.
It's mad.

Karaoke final on Thursday. Haha, how fun.

Oh; quick reminder -

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I got the live bleeding through dvd today.
it's quite the impressive.

Ok, I'm done.
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So so fucking surprised;

Humanities - B
Drama - C
English Literature - A (MY GOD!)
English Language - A (MY GOD AGAIN!)
Religious Studies Short Course - C
Music - A
Textiles Technology - C
Spanish - A
IT Short Course - C
Mathematics - B

I'm stunned.

Anyway, well done to everyone who got their results today ♥

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I tell you this; if you watch the new Avenged Sevenfold video for 'Bat Country' with no sound, it's freaky as fuck. Hot, but waaaay freaky.
Speaking of A7X, I've ordered my Brixton ticket. First time seeing them. I'm really nervous; the prospect of seeing Zacky Vengeance in the flesh, like, RIGHT THERE = SO SCARY. Argh. I think I may die.

MY WORD, THE funniest thing happened last night. I joined a few girls from work at their usual Thursday night session of karaoke, thinking it'd be a laugh and all. Got there, and found out it was competition night. So I entered, as you do. Here's how it works;
Each week two people are chosen from all of them that enter, then there's a final in like...6 weeks time, I think it is, with all the people that got through.
I got up. Sang 'Miss Independent' by Kelly Clarkson, because she's pure amazing. Anyway, everyone in the room was like '-gasp-' when I sang, which was really freaky. Then when I finished I kept getting loads of comments like 'you can sing like that at 16?!' and 'talk about a dark horse, girl!' which again was freaky.
Then, to top it all off, I got through! HAHA! SO WEIRD! So I've gotta go back on the 15th September and compete for £250. So, of course I'm gonna stick to my Kelly Clarkson roots. I've been practising 'Since U Been Gone'.

What can I say? I'm a loser.
A loser that listens to Kelly Clarkson & Ashlee Simpson. Hell yeah! ♥
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Over the past few days, I've been looking at stuff about the Manson "family".
I'm not really sure why, I think it all started when I heard 'Sadie' by Alkaline Trio and thought "what the fuck is this about?", but it's got me really interesting in the whole situation.
It's pretty disturbing stuff.
I mean, they murdered an actress who was eight and a half months pregnant. Of course it's gonna be disturbing. But at the same time, it's really intriguing. I'm gonna buy some books about it, I think. 'Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders', 'Helter Skelter' & 'The Family'.
I just want to look into it more.

But Sharon Tate was just so naturally beautiful.
It seems like such a waste.

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I still can't understand what made Susan Atkins (or Sadie Mae Glutz, whatever) & the others to actually kill her & the four other people that night. Then the following night, to go and kill the LaBianca's.

And isn't it a coincidence how a lot of the former members of the "family" have now found God and seen the error of their ways?

I read the worst part of the whole tale earlier; when Susan & the others were stabbing Sharon to death, Sharon was crying out for her mother.
That'd haunt me for life.

Sick fucks.
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