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Всем известно, что в Азии встречаются чудесные надписи на "английском". Лаос не исключение. Вот такая замечательная инструкция по правильному поведению в гостинице встретилась нам в одном из южных лаосских городов, наиболее зачОтные пункты отмечены:

Кортинго немного неразборчивое, так что ниже расшифровка:

1. To forbid things that illegal within hotels and guesthouse
2. In the hotel-guesthouse do not play gamble or doing others
3: In the hotel-guesthouse do not have man and woman sleep together in the room if they have not husband and wife, father, mother, daugter and son (шедевр, блин!). 
4. Do not boil and iron in the hotel-guesthouse
5. Do not use noise and disturb in the hotel-guesthouse
6. If you have manythings you have to report with authority of hotel-guesthouse knows for safety

7. Before you go outside you must look at your things for safety
8.  Before go outside every time you must lock your door or your must take your key to give authority when you come back you must it again
9. In case the clerk of the hotel-guesthouse is not polite to the guests please report to authority of the hotel
10. Check out at 12 ocklock midday if over the hotel-guesthouse will compute for next time of new day
11.To go and coming of you at night only permit for 23 hours
12. Everybody are staying in the hotel-guesthouse please to take care of cleanliness

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