couldn't pick her out of a line up of one

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The cheese stands alone.
bad chicken impressions, being extremely dorky, being traumatized by polkaroo, being truly outrageous, bff wallace & veronica, boys who wear glasses, browsing grocery stores, cable stitch holders, cereal and skim milk, chazoom, clementines in wooden crates, colours, coming up with theories, dorky icons, eating during interviews, even stevphen, going to bed early, hair-touching, handclaps, happy endings, here we go, heritage minutes, icon coordination, jc's hair, lame attempts at crafts, lincoln smash!, lj's crazy face, magic sanctuary, making lists, mr. dress-up, orsamdo, perfect werewolf boyfriends, pilot hi-tec-c pens, polar bears, pretty genius rescuers, procrastinating, proper pedestrian etiquette, quiet in the morning, remus j lupin, schwa, slash, soup, squeeing, sushi with tempura bits, the bluth family, the free love freeway, tim & dawn, turquoise and olive green, twirling and floppy hair, vanity respirators