The Journey

How To Drive Yourself to The Brink of Insanity Without Leaving Your Chair

As with the start of any journey, I wonder: am I ready, amd I willing, am I able? Where will it end? I have my love and my happiness to guide me, I truly believe this to be enough.

*edited three years later to add: I'm sure as hell glad I believed love was enough, otherwise I know I wouldn't have made it to this point. And, love + $12,000 for IVF may POSSIBLY be enough in the end... we'll see*

*edited six years later to add: I'm now the mother of happy, bouncy, almost one year old triplets. Yep, that is where love, $30,000 of infertility treatments, three miscarriages and a little... persistence.... will take you.

And on a completely unrelated note: meep.