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October 16th, 2007 - Johnboy's Journal — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Taylor

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October 16th, 2007

(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2007|12:02 pm]
John Taylor
[mood |Cloudwisp]
[music |Story of the Year - Sidewalks]

Are you familiar with the concept of protocol? It's an agreed upon set of standards and rules for communicating or behaving. Computers use protocols all the time to negotiate transmissions of data, organization, even processing. Social protocol - how to behave in order to be properly perceived and to cause the fewest ripples. On the most basic level, even atoms and molecules follow a set of protocols to behave in predictable and usable patterns, to make sense of what would otherwise be chaos.

Protocols are essential in achieving a common ground between two dissimilar things. It's essential for orchestrating an exchange of any kind, be it energetic, kinetic, electronic, anything. It's the shaping and fitting of two unique and different entities to form and allow an interaction. This concept of a protocol is essential for understanding the connections made between human beings on an observable level; through our interactions and ways of communicating with each other, we grow, and we further evolve our capacity to communicate and act with and upon that change.

Protocols are constantly in motion. They are continuously evolving and adapting. A molecule will form from constituent atoms and then have its own new set of possibilities for reaction based upon the properties of its new form. The use and growth of protocols can be most easily and analogously documented within the realm of computers. As computers become more powerful and more encompassing, the protocols must be updated to accommodate it. New hardware is added, faster transmission rates are achieved, software is updated; all of it has to communicate to the best of its newfound ability. The interactions themselves are as fluid as the individual growth, in order to accommodate the changes and to take full advantage of the purpose and capacity of that growth. Each change is only as powerful as the ability to adjust and evolve the means of interacting the previous makeup with the improved. Ever tried debating politics with someone not up to date on current events? Or discussing a book with someone illiterate? Not only is their individual capacity underdeveloped, but the means of conveying that capacity and understanding is lacking.

If one takes the concept of the soul however, a pseudo/completely/or un-developed - this pre-existing entity thrust into the material world into a human shell...the human body becomes the protocol. It becomes the means for understanding the world.

If such a protocol is necessary between these souls...what are we then, on an individual level? It shook me to think that we could none of us be human, but instead that the concept of human was simply what we chose to express ourselves to one another. We're something else, and the form of human was most convenient for us to learn to adapt to in order to communicate. We took on these bodies and shapes and similar characteristics, we compromised ourselves with other beings to form this identity of being human. Being human is no longer an objective thing, but instead a construct. What, then, did the crafting?

Our understanding of the protocol itself is something we evolve. We learn to fully inhabit our bodies, to possess them, to make them our own. We learn. We interact with our own beings. And through our bodies and our improved understanding of our bodies, we can more easily interact with others, in the human world, the animal world, the plant world, anything in the tangible and intangible realm.

I find it rather curious that when we detach, we feel less alive. We focus less on our physical input and dwell...elsewhere. We're aware on some level that our body is mortal, that our body is transient. We make the most of it we can in the time we're allotted (if we're both lucky and smart about it). Our bodies age, they mature, they achieve a greater knowledge and understanding of the world and how to interact with it. Our infancy is spent learning how to cope with the stimuli of the outside world, our teenage years are spent adjusting to an existence wherein most of our actions can be automatic, leaving our adult years free to manipulate the world as we see fit; having mastered the basics and intermediate levels, we are free to pursue whatever interests we desire, be they mental, spiritual, financial, emotional. Discipline becomes essential in this process, if one hopes to accomplish much within the space of our mortal lives. It's as though the first part of our lives are learning how to achieve what we want and the rest of our lives are then spent pursuing those desires. And through this process, one becomes more refined and evolves to a higher state of being. Beware thinking of a limitation as permanent - you can control to some degree the path your evolution will take, so long as you are willing to put forth the effort to achieving it and to evolving the medium, your own self, to accomplish it.
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