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December 12th, 2006

(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2006|11:23 pm]
John Taylor
[music |Cobra Starship - Snakes on a Plane]

Our role as students is to learn (and by students, I mean students of life). If you place yourself into the role of a student, you've formed a contract with yourself and with your teacher to learn. Your focus is to learn, not to become friends with the teacher, to skip school, or to throw other elements of life into this relationship with yourself and with your teacher, even if it is life or yourself that you are learning from. Each and every one of us have been gifted with the intelligence to learn from our mistakes and the will to follow what we've learned. Out of respect for claiming to follow this ideal of learning, you must give of yourself in order to be labeled as having it as a goal. It becomes your duty to do what it takes to serve that goal, rather than a vague distant abstraction that you think about on occasion.

The Buddhists had it right to separate one's self from distractions - their focus was upon purity of intent. But the monastic life falls short of using this focus in tandem with the nature of progression. In a world as busy as ours, one cannot set aside the time to isolate problems and focus on them in exclusion of other problems. Instead, we exist in a world of flux and we rarely have the luxury of isolation. Perhaps this is a blessing, to be blessed with lives as dynamic as ours. At any moment, a new revolutionary influence could seize us and shake us to the core.

But the fact remains: if you can be distracted from your goal, then you are not determined to achieve it. You are not living your goal and your commitment lacks the sincerity that your focus is worthy of. You are capable of learning, from anything. If your commitment is to learning, then never hesitate to open yourself up to the experience of learning.

This same approach should be applied to everything you do. There must be a unity of mind and purpose if you are to accomplish your goals. If your intent is to be happy in life, then work towards happiness! What does this mean? Commitment to your goals. Not all of them can be realized instantly, but it is a start to at least categorize and prioritize your ambitions. Once you know what your goals are, you can assess your motivation. If you do not reach your goal, then at least you know that the error lies in yourself, not in that the goal was unattainable in the first place. Your actions can, and should reflect your intent. Are you prepared to do everything that you must to achieve it? Are you prepared to make sacrifices that you don't expect? Can you keep pursuing your dream in light of all other distractions? And can you reassert it when you do eventually get distracted?

Our goals can be transient, but some will remain consistent for the duration of our lives. These we should be true to, these we should not abandon. These we should not forget.
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