May 7th, 2006


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What do you hold most dear in life? What is it you treasure most? What is it that you prize above all? Is there anything for which you would give your life?

Our lives are truly the only possession we have. Keeping it can be rather difficult - our world is frought with peril and circumstance threatens to take our lives from us. Crossing the street, living in the inner city, unsanitary conditions, depression, all of it can end lives before our time. But is there something in your live that drives you to live for more than just the simple fact that you were born?

Do you live for your talents?

Do you live because you are too cowardly to take your own life?

Do you live out of boredom?

Do you live out of fear of what lies beyond this world?

Do you live for something, for someone? Is there some goal that you cannot rest without completing?

What are you ultimately worth? Are you worth a bottle of tequila on a Friday night? Are you worth your career? Are you worth your college loans or your high school diploma? Can you set a price on yourself? Are you only good to the world as a parent or a spouse?

Do you value yourself by the deeds you do, the deeds you've done, or the deeds you will do?

Do you treasure most what you once owned, what you now possess, or what the future will give you?

Do you only feel alive if you belong to someone?

Are you your own person or are you a creation?

Is what you're living for in your life only what you are, or are you living for something else? What is it that you actually think is worth your time? What is worth your effort? Your attention? Your focus? How easily can you be bought off from your dreams? Just how many shortcuts will you take to compromise your dreams? What guides you? What motivates you? What drives you? What is your purpose?

Why are you here?
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