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Virtual insanity

It was a great party conducted by the barflies @ cocco latte last night. It began with a doggie trying to jump at everyone he saw, owned by the arabian princess who did my slutty(and almost yao-jin-like makeup for me =p) And my fellow whore who did my hair for me. (Feels so nice to see my hair straight again)

The phantom who had the honour of driving the pimp-mobile made sure we were sent to the destination in one piece and there, we met the 2 老大, Makan the cowboy and Mandrake, the pimp. Both who showered me with enuf alcohol to keep me just high enough for the night. Thanx guys~ There was the dark angel whom I almost couldn't recognise. She was at the door, looking at me with her beautiful gothic eyes tt i forgot for a moment who she was. keke~

There was the lovely little ballrm princess who gyrated her fluffy wedding dress against mine, the hilarious crossdress who made me kana blacklisted by the sercurity guard, cuz we did something notti(Not tt i cared though. U think i will go back to ur lousy gallery hotel?! =p) Den there was the guy with the fugly looking mask and a headful of hair who finally realised my 痛苦. The arabian boy who brought his hip enuf parents to enjoy the party(and enjoy the party they did =))

We had the brothers Zerro and Zorro, the countess who sank her teeth into my neck(and many other pple's neck's as well) The queen of the jungle, who sported a massive new n beautiful tattoo, the cow who is suppose to be a doc at Hougang chalet. The hyper bunny with her hubby, who both help out loads with the party. The photographer in his stormtrooper(Or some starwars get up) suit, the sexy ladies sitting near the entrance of the dance floor, the witches and warlocks lead by the founder of the bar, Cowboy Caleb. There were a few tall pple standing at the other end of the bar, duno doing wad. Must be enjoying their stash of liquor lorrrrrrrrrrrr.Oh, and more of my fellow whores, a sporty babe, and a moulin rouge inspired chio bu who completed Mandrake's entourage.

The highlights of the party:

- Getting to see hot chicks dancing on the podium

-Pple getting stripped and looking for their clothes

-V pro pole dancer cum kisser cum many many more things~ =p~~~~~~~~

-Guys Frenching!!! Woots!!!!

-Pple getting on all 4s all int he name of fun!

-Me, trying to be funny, testing if pple were drunk. And saboing them in the process.. Mwahahaa~ The things tt i do n said.. secret sia~

-Towards the end of the night, the dancing was so hot, i nearly bled to death(nosebleed horz)

-After supper, we had a mass orgy session in rm 652. Damn shiok.

All in all, super fun packed event. Steady lah!!