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Would you go to bed with me?

On listening to the above mention song:

Hairy Lu: *bleah*

Hairy Lu: So this song just repeats itself? And its a song?

Me: *nods*

Hairy Lu: *pui*


On listening to Saturday night by wigfield:

Hairy Lu: Y do u haf such funny songs?

Me: To dance to mah.

Hairy Lu: And just now tt go to bed song also?

Me: *nods*


On hearing V6's Darling:

Hairy Lu: "Darling! Darling! Ii just night
Wari kirenai shotto ni good tokiteru"


On Lamp Chop's ending tune:

Hairy Lu: Ohhh, it ended!


On Edison's bounce(which has the same tune as tuo diao):

Hairy Lu: starts singing the na-na-nanana-nanana-nanana when it doesn't exist in this version


Ok, this prolly wun make sense to other pple -___-" Lemme try something else.


Conversation during Law lec:

Me: Eh, I know the godma of *target gurl* leh. U pass me ur pic lah, den i can go show auntie who the person gg after her god daughter is.

Loser: My frens let her see the cmi pics of me lor. Want to show also show nicer one mah. *proceeds to take out his resume photo*

Gareth: Wah, this one looks like those male brides aka xiang qing photo leh!

Me: *glances at it and returns pic to him* eh, u gimme lah, den i can show auntie mah, den she will know u actually dun look kns like the other pics.

*2 hrs later after the lecture*

Loser: "Eh, this one 交给你保管lah." *passes me his pic*

Me: *Stunned, but takes it anywae*

*5 mins later*

*Gareth receives fone call*

Gareth: Eh, *loser's name* wanna speak to u.

Loser: Eh, I think u pass the pic to Gareth lah.

Me: Orh.

*Gareth comes up with the bright idea to torture him by saying he will pass the pic to godma*

*Loser proceeds to call him 6 times n sms him another 6 times over the night*

Next morning...

*Gareth complains loser disturb him for the whole night*

Gareth's FYP Partner: Eh, I think *loser's name* should change to my initials AA lah. Attract Attention lor!

Me: Yar lor! I din even ask for the pic after the lesson. Is he gif me one lor. *shakes head*

Gareth: 烂不是他的错!!

Me: -_____________-|||||