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I duno wad i'm doing up at this hour, but the timing is pretty warped know. I'm sleeping later n later and waking up at a later time as well. Yet, i cannot stop yawning when i'm out. Could be the company hor??? kekeke.. Dunch kill me lah.. Just wondering y mahz~ ^^

Been listening to this song by Fan Wei Qi recently. Called 一比一 and i realised tt it's written by David tao! Seriously, i think it's the only song tt i really like in this album. And i think another fast song on this album as well. But i think the song is written v well. Whee~ Of cuz, her beautiful vocals helped to portray the song v well.

Things to do b4 hols end.

-Drop software engine. I think with my timetable i'm gonna kill myself. I've decided to drop on subj n leave it for next sem instead. Somemore, i always screw up during the 1st sem. So must take special precaution.

-Go JB!!! Which is happening this Thurs. I hope it will be a healthier outing. The pple tt i've contacted.. Only mel actually, told me he wanna play pool leh.. *pui* ask u wanna go JB u tell me u want pool. Pool ur head lah. -_-" This time confirm will haf 2 gers hopefully more guys will go lor.. budden will become unhealthy already. I seriously urge more females to join. =Þ

-Get my $$$!!!! I hate receiving cheques sometimes. Cuz there is the possibility that they will bounce! I am only a poor student. Y must this family do this to me? U can run from me once. But u cannot run from me forever. Anyway, if they do not pay now, the money will just snowball wad?! Wah kaoz! Even I can draw out this sum of moolah leh.. And I is a poor student. *sigh* Maybe.. after receiving payment. I should just quit and fire her. But the thing is.. If i fire her b4 i get my money, den i wun get my $$$!!!! How can!!! TMD. Cannot lor. I will persevere till they gimme my $$. Den i will chut pattern!! Y got pple lidat one?

-Do more good deeds. I've been accumulating bad karma for so long now tt i feel sad for the pple ard me. Cannot! I will be nice! Or rather, nicer to pple whom i haf been evil to for no good reason. WAd a bitch i am. But.. these pple can take it right? Must haf "du(4) liang(4)"

-Go church? Haha.. This one also must plan one ahz.. Must lor.. Must put my foot down n go! I just realised.. something. Sermons on the road again.

-Go gym? Hmmm... This one ah.. hahhaa... hard lah... really hard... Ok! Maybe on SATURDAY!!!!!! xÞ Got sauna, can tone tone the tummy. can get abs!!! The abs i got all disappeared liao lor! T_T
Now look like got pig fats..

-Eat well, sleep well. Maintain wt.

-Blog more. I miss u guys too~~ Esp to a certain someone who stopped blogging on his site, shifted, and din bother to tell me. Ok lor, fine, i not flen flen enuf. *sigh*