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Day One:

Rushed to Terminal and rushed to DFS b4 kana rushed to board the ferry. Chamz sia.. rush here n there.. Like some mad monkey~

Got there, prepared the watermelon n did housekeeping(and saw some freaking big iguana or lizard strolling across the walkway) den off to the pool we went!

Ohh~ cute hunk spotted (with a babe in tow though.. hrumph)tanned a bit b4 getting back to the hotel to wash up and haf dinner. We had fantastic pasta cooked by the lovely Natsu and the housecook, Mandrake. Me? I just erm.. did the soup.. mwahahaha~~

The Slacker grp came so late sia.. almost fell asleep waiting for them. 1st thing some pple did was to get the xbox out.. and the rest.. was history.. haha.. addicts man.

And there were the bullfrogs and the ghost stories. And of cuz, it was free flow of alcohol for everyone~

Day Two:

Almost couldn't get up for breakfast. Was more pool after breakfast and cuz of lunch, archery was canelled. Ah well, we had great fun tt afternoon spent cooking, eating and lazing ard. I love my comfy chair. Could sit in it all day if i could. Would steal it back to Sg if i could. Dinner was pizza and while the rest went for a massage, we were chatting, taking strolls, stargazing and playing in the sand.

Mre ghost stories and Mandrake squeezed in with us for the night. hoho. Such an unlucky a lucky guy. The damn aircon super lan one lor. I was perspiring in the rm.. -_-"

Day Three:

Spent the day getting shooed out of the room, playing laser quest(which i sucked at.. and my thighs are killing me now) and giving massages using my big feet~ Den it was sleeping on the ferry and kana serious customs back in Sg cuz of the Bali bombing incident. Nearly kana whacked by customs.. but i think i look decent.. wahahah~ Heng ah!

Things to take note of:

-Semi-God has got little power. But still, at least it didn't rain when we were out. hehe~ Just not much sun.

-Sakit~~~~ Tolong~~~~~

-Man slave!!

-Lizards there are damn big!

-One of the villas got flooded while the duck was sleeping in it.

-Educated someone abt the ABDs of boobies~

-Realised that putting on SPF 130 sunblock is of little use. Will still kana burn one. (But wun peel lah)

-I'm getting more cheena-fied. hohoho~

-I will make a lousy sumggler. Always kana one. But also kana nice officers. Bare my big toothy grin to them. keke~ Thank you uncles~~

-The fantastic pple from the bar who were there: 9, Duckie, Makan, Nad, Natsu, Mandrake, Ruok, Sandra and UMB. U peeps were great fun to be with. Muackz muackz *slobbery kisses* Lup u guys loads loads~

[Edit]: How could i forget. While rushing to board to ferry to Bintan, the DFS guy is sooooo cute!!! Machiam.. *slurrrrrrppps* See lah, salivating even as i think abt it. Y?? Y did we check in so late!! Else i could haf taken a photo wif him!! Wahahaha~~ Damn fan jian. But i dunch care. Holiday mah.. kekeke~