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Boots frm the MaiL!!!

Mail Order Boots

I got my boots today!!!!!!

It came at the perfect moment. Mich says it's cuz I had such a bad day today.

My day was super icky till lab ended. Called up my partner to make sure she's doing alright b4 gg for Law class.

Was even listening to what the chio bu was talking abt.

Went for dinner and a super lonnnnnggg talk cock session with gaomei, gareth wenyao n alvin. With Alvin ard, no need got nothing to talk abt lor. He can talk frm 1 thing to another. Damn farni!!

After a 2+ hr dinner, WY sent everyone back to they halls and even sent me hm too.. woohoo~ Pple offer one ok. I nt so bhb ask for ride one. bleah. My skin v thin nia~ heehee.

Came hm to see a box in my dark rm. Looks like my boots!! Yay!!! Couldn't wait to tear it open lor! But cannot tear, cuz completely sealed one. This is what always happens when I receive parcels. I tend to mutilate the poor box. I had to cut it open using a pen knife n i went strutting ard my hse in my new boots. Mum saw it and went "U never mop the floor and wear shoes in the hse!!" Den my younger sis went "New boots.. hahahaha" And she proceeded to take pics of my boots with me in them. *Happy like siao lor*

I might get another pair if i feel comfy in these. Am gonna do a trial run in these nxt wk. Looks damn good lor. And I trust my taste.. Esp in boots. Wahahaha~ *Now really bhb* *jumps ard happily~~~* ^-^