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chuan chee: hey gorgeous how u doing?
Denim Chick:: wah.. hamsem.. i am doing damn well man.. (like real)
chuan chee: wah happened my heartbeat??
Denim Chick:: it's skipped a beat right? heh
chuan chee: i might go clubbing
Denim Chick: !!!!!
chuan chee: somehow gals like newbie
Denim Chick: really ah!!!
Denim Chick: fwahhhh

chuan chee: i got 6numbers
chuan chee: and these gals are working professionals
chuan chee: maybe i look old

Denim Chick: i want cc's number tooo!!!!
chuan chee: i make time for u
chuan chee: probably then we go clubbing ??
Denim Chick: i want cc's number tooo!!!!

chuan chee: anytime anytime
chuan chee: check u out next time
Denim Chick: eh which club ah
chuan chee: i let u know
Denim Chick: no lah the club tt u got picked up
chuan chee: wahhahahaa sounded like i am a girl
Denim Chick: hehe
chuan chee: i got 2 at cheeky monkeys
chuan chee: 3 at china jump
chuan chee: and one more at newsroom bar
Denim Chick: OMG!!
Denim Chick: Y liday
Denim Chick: u become super gorgeous overnite issit

chuan chee: i suppose it's the way i talk
Denim Chick: dun bluff
chuan chee: i just go there with my friend
chuan chee: and i just sit there and try to enjoy the  music
chuan chee: somehow i managed to get into the music
chuan chee: then i realise that some gals are looking
chuan chee: my friend saw it and encouraged me to go forward
chuan chee: he thought me a few pick up lines.
chuan chee: it's like " how cha doing , been observing u"
Denim Chick: eee
Denim Chick: so cheesy!!!!

chuan chee: and then they laugh
chuan chee: they then asked whether am i a newbie
chuan chee: so i said " yes, pretty late for an initiation huh?"
Denim Chick: ahhhhhhhhhh
chuan chee: so they laughed and i said " how abt u gals give me an education "
Denim Chick: noooooo
chuan chee: then they said " u can start with buying us a drink"
Denim Chick: so did u buy them one?
chuan chee: i didn't
chuan chee: cos they said that it's ladies nite and it's on the hse
Denim Chick: lolz
Denim Chick: den how? wad u do?

chuan chee: they laughed at my ignorance and then they say " u have to learn it the hard way , so remember wed is ladies nite"
Denim Chick: haha but u din buy them right?
chuan chee: nah they decline
chuan chee: they got me one instead
chuan chee: on the rocks
chuan chee: and wah i was blown away
Denim Chick: WAH!!!
Denim Chick: k lah.. cuz it's on the hse right

chuan chee: i couldn't drink
chuan chee: and then i asked them " so wat u pple been doing ?"
chuan chee: i am surprised that these pple are working professionals
chuan chee: anyway it was an ok experience
chuan chee: well thats abt the same everyway
chuan chee: but they smoked which really turn me off
Denim Chick: hahaha get used to it lah
chuan chee: wahhah nah couldn't really get used to it
Denim Chick: i'm better hor?? come come pick me up lolz
chuan chee: ok la
chuan chee: i was just trying for fun
Denim Chick: hahaha
Denim Chick: good try though
Denim Chick: *impressed*

chuan chee: but it was all verbal flirting
chuan chee: i believe that wats u do in pub ??
chuan chee: i think go alone is better
chuan chee: maybe for a guy
chuan chee: i dun pick gals up
chuan chee: then why do u pple go clubs ???
chuan chee: if u will to mingle with yr clicks then it's
              so boring
Denim Chick: drink
Denim Chick: muzeek
Denim Chick: act coool hahahahah

chuan chee: so just go there and say " watcha doing "
chuan chee: probably they are scared shitless
chuan chee: anyway these gals are not local
Denim Chick: wow
chuan chee: all europeans except 2 from hong kong
Denim Chick: WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denim Chick: ah.. i see.. pretty happening bunch of execs
chuan chee: so can i propose a date ???
chuan chee: when u free ? we go salsa together huh ??
Denim Chick: SALSA!!!!
Denim Chick: y everyone wana salsa
Denim Chick: lolz

chuan chee: wahahah
chuan chee: ok ok so what do u  suggest?
chuan chee: i let u check a side of me i guess u never  ever seen b4?
Denim Chick: like?
chuan chee: watever u want i am at yr disposal
Denim Chick: wah~~~ hahaha
Denim Chick: i know.. u go play rugby.. we cheer u on
Denim Chick: hahahaha

chuan chee: wahahaha how abt we play rugby
Denim Chick: i dun how... =p
Denim Chick: somemore i got no meat to protect myself

chuan chee: come on i teach u , i hold u
Denim Chick: rugby need to hold meh? not like tennis or  golf
chuan chee: tat depends 
chuan chee: probably u ani't used to me being like this
Denim Chick: nah~~ i is good one
Denim Chick: just tt rugby where go hold one!!!!!
Denim Chick: dun bruff me lor

chuan chee: there is a scrum
Denim Chick: i might be stupid.. but i know rubgy cannot hold one!! hahahaha
chuan chee: which pple come together to protect the ball
chuan chee: we hold each other to form a fortess
chuan chee: u literally push yr opponents awat
Denim Chick: oh.. hahhaa.. tt rugby is scary leh.. i cannot.. >.<
chuan chee: so how abt the dance floor?
Denim Chick: well, i think i suck at dancing
chuan chee: am i hearing u wrong?
chuan chee: just move to the grove
chuan chee: u blend in to the music
chuan chee: come on come on i show u how
chuan chee: we do it together
chuan chee: then we meet the real pple
Denim Chick: hurhur.. sorri lah.. dancing not for me
chuan chee: wahhaha seems like every female is an instructor
chuan chee: remember those euro gals
chuan chee: 2 asked me to go for salsa
chuan chee: seems like u dun really cheong
chuan chee: i am beginning to think that the word cheong is a derivation of the pharse cheong beer
Denim Chick: haha
chuan chee: clubbing is abt socialising 
chuan chee: not abt getting drunk dead
chuan chee: it's the way yr mind and body unite with the
              music. it an intricate process
chuan chee: sat u not working right?
Denim Chick: nah.. tme last day
chuan chee: icic
chuan chee: couple of drinks trmw?
chuan chee: icic
chuan chee: well we go at say 2230
chuan chee: anyway the crowd comes in at abt 2300
chuan chee: which is perfect
Denim Chick: wow.. quite the chiongster i see
chuan chee: i socialise
Denim Chick: i will cheer u on when u go pick up girls
Denim Chick: u can say i am ur lesbian fren
Denim Chick: hahahahhaa

chuan chee: wahahhaah i dun encourage lesbianic behaviour
chuan chee: nah i just speak to you
chuan chee: dun be a living room object
chuan chee: hey i am just bull-shitting la
Denim Chick: idiot
chuan chee: hey u pissed??
chuan chee: hey this is chuan chee friend, i just came back from the US
chuan chee: he is at the hawker centre getting some food
chuan chee: i just hooked up the net and check out the local msging scene
chuan chee: no offence hey ya?
Denim Chick: no biggie
Denim Chick: but wait.. where the heow is tt guy.. was i ever talking to him just now?

chuan chee: i think so
chuan chee: he is a pretty cool dude
chuan chee: very much disciplined, and never loses focus
Denim Chick: he? cool? hmmmmm
chuan chee: was he like this in sch?
Denim Chick: very much disciplined, and never loses focus = stiff
Denim Chick: yeah.. he is.. but with us, he's ok
chuan chee: but u got to see him speak
chuan chee: i guess u probably had
chuan chee: when he presents he make sure he know his stuffs
Denim Chick: he's v deep
Denim Chick: he's good.. damn good with presentations
Denim Chick: everything is up in his head

chuan chee: so how do i address u ? i can't possibly call u gogeous all the time ?
Denim Chick: oh~ haha I'm joel
chuan chee: huh ?? am i speaking to a guy? freak.......
Denim Chick: hahaha
chuan chee: ok watever
chuan chee: wats u been busy with ??
chuan chee: some kind of internship ?
chuan chee: ok the dude back
Denim Chick: lolz
Denim Chick: nice chatting~

chuan chee: sure thing how abt u drop me a number
chuan chee: i call u back on my cell?
Denim Chick: u must be kidding me.. haha.. who is CC hanging ard with these days?
chuan chee: u msg me on my cell then
Denim Chick: ah~ wad are u doing at his place anywae
chuan chee: nah just bouncing away
chuan chee: alrite chat on my cell............ got to bounce
Denim Chick: ta~
chuan chee: this is chuan chee, can u call him or msg him
Denim Chick: hahhaa.. all the siao pple *faint* orh~~~~~
Denim Chick: no wonder pick up 6 charbors

chuan chee: whaahah he is good la
Denim Chick: i wan wondering.. how the hell u pick up the girls
Denim Chick: hahahahhaa
Denim Chick: chey.. all liars
Denim Chick: LIARS!!!!!

chuan chee: i was there la
chuan chee: he pick up the gals
Denim Chick: hahahahahaha
Denim Chick: kns

chuan chee: nah he is cool
chuan chee: sauve and can really pacifiy gals
Denim Chick: sweet talk.. argh.. hate guys like tt
chuan chee: nah he dun really sweet talk
chuan chee: i think it just his charm
chuan chee: gals want to speak to him
chuan chee: hey he wants to speak to u
chuan chee: ok la i leave u alone
chuan chee: anyway u are speaking to my alter ego just now
Denim Chick: yeah yeah.. wadeva ok.. hahahha.. i getting dizzy
Denim Chick: i will just assume.. i am talking to cc

chuan chee: hope u have a nice time ?
chuan chee: nah i saw yr them just now
chuan chee: u seems so mad
chuan chee: so just cheer u up
Denim Chick: yeah, i was pretty mad at some idiot.. but alls good
chuan chee: come on la be happy la
chuan chee: we are all friends
chuan chee: be happy
chuan chee: maybe u show me the ropes to chiong next time huh ya?               

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