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Hello peeps!!!!

I'm back from camp!! =p Miss me or not? hahaha~ *thick skinned* Just came back from camp and had a great time. Although there were some v exciting things that happened tt almost threatened the camp. Let me try to recall what happened thru the days of the camp.

Thurs(snr camp day 1)

Went thru most of the stuff and there were some screw ups but still not too bad. Everything was still managable and i could still deal with it. JH was getting on my nerves cuz of his face but it was still ok bah. I'm professional, dun mix work with personal stuff.

Fri(snr camp day 2)

Pool games briefing sucks lor~ made me wanna screw everyone upside down. Next was cluedo night. Wah piang. Cluedo was even more screwd up. By the time everything ended it was already 12mnt. Everyone had to take the lorry home. Main comm had a debrief till 2 am. In the middle of the meeting we recieved a call which informed us of an accident by the lorry that involved my programmers. Casualty list, 11 injured out of which 3 has serious head injuries and the rest all received outpatient treatment. The rest of us were sent home cuz nothing was confirmed.

Sat (snr camp day 3)

Came early in the morning to find out more abt the accident. Realised that 3 female programmers got head injuties and 2 of them gt facial injuries. Decided to visit them on sunday. Informed the camp abt the accident after telematch. Debriefed and sent them back home.

Sun (supposely free day)

Met up to go NUH and was glad to see the 2 babes were doing fine and not as bad as we expected them to be. Nothing too deep although it was too minor either. We were reassured that there will be no physical scars but i think what is more impt are the mental/ emotional impact it might create for the victims. Went back to sch to plan out the events for the camp to prevent cockups. Decided to come back at 2359 in order to prepare for camp tmw.

Sun (Evening)

Came back to plan for all the events and to sort out the logistics. Also to plan out the detailed timetable for the camp. After so much planning, we hope to have a fantastic camp despite all that has happened. All of us only gt to sleep at 4am.

Mon (1st day of camp)

Freshies thes yr are not much t look at. My gls and SAs are much much better. Esp tt guy who is an SA with Gary.. Wah kaoz.. see liao can salivate loads loads. Went confidence walk at the cemetry, due to the accident, we incurred plenty of costs on transport. *sigh* nvm. the night sky was too bright to make the walk scary. too bad lor~ Got to sleep only at 4am due to debrief.

Tues (2nd day)

Pool games early in the morning. Had to drag myself out from bed and to get dressed for the pool. Nearly fell asleep there. But tues is a siong day. pool games, den telematch den battle of the houses and finally ghost night. ghost night got security issues somemore and the 2 idiots left me alone patrolling NTU in the dark. Heng got CW come n escort me ard the campus. Hrumph. Can ask he 2 idiots to go n die lor~ Everything happen also dun wanna tell me. Can ask them go die a few times also nvm leh.. hurhur. IDIOTS!!! Sleeping time. 5am.

Wed (Day 3)

Off to the beach we go. SENTOSA!!!! Got damn chao da yest. Till even my calves got burnt. Look like some bbq pork. 2nd round at the beach. Managed to settle down all my pple and got them to go to their stations and everything was quite good. Wae to go.. great beach games. In the evening, we prepared what to do for the next day's amazing race. Requires lots of manpower. Time I turned in. 3am.

Thurs. (Day4)

Amazing race. All programmers to set off at 7am. Am in the mobile grp of devils. Since we had the car, we slept most of the time. V steady. but it was pretty light sleep. cuz we haf to get ready to be activated anytime. All 4 of us were too tired to care anywae, can sleep must sleep more. 15mins also good. Some teams v jialat.. all take so many cab trips. duno for wad also. no sportsmanship sia. Lotsa issues over food. -_-" Initiation at night. pretty boring. And tt stupid JH can flare up cuz the 2 CPs were busy with intiation briefing. If u dun wanna help just tell one of us. Dun use scarsm or complain to the others just cuz u can't take the stress.. WEAKING!!! kns!! Still dae to say u are commando. It's cuz of cdos like u that i fear for my safety every night when i sleep. Sleeping time. 7am.

Fri (SP night!)

Slept like a pig till 2pm. Den dragged my lazy arse to get ready for the night. But in the end lazed ard with my rommies till 5pm.. hahahah~ quite jialat lo. But k lah.. we can relax already. steady bom peepee~~ SP night was v fun. And after tt we had jam and hop. I practiced restraint. Never drink more than 1 glass for tt night. steady boh. My taiji skills getting better and better. MAde pple drink for me till they all seh seh. A lot of seniors toh tt day. But i din stay to watch lah. I went with my programmers to sing song.. hahaha... Overnight KTV session. Steady boh.. >.< After tt still haf breakfast lor.

Sat (final day!!!)

Came back n helped to wash car. at 7am in the morning. haha~ den in the end we sang n wash the car at the same time. Pple walking all looked at us with those crazy looks. hmm.. v funny meh? heehee~~ Took many pics, break camp packed up stores. CGL gave me 1 gl tee, went for lunch, took cab hm, slept on the wae. By the time i reached home, washe up den concussed till next morning liao.

Sun(1st day at home)

Tuition ah! nearly KOed at tuition. Den went to parkway to sleep while i got my face cleaned. V shufu shufu~~~ Afer tt went hm n decided to meet up ling n gareth.. the other 2 dua pai pple dun wanan come out.. talked till 1130.. i missed my last train leh!! heng still got last bus home ahz!!!! hahhaa~~


Slept till 11. Went to sch to get $$$ den to meet the victims again to pass them stuff and to send my regards and see how they are doing. All doing quite good. Good for them. Jiayou jiayou jiayou!! Actually was v tired when i got home. But by the time i started chatting i was damn hyper. Arranged to meet my fav peeps for lunch!!

Tue(Yay! Today!)

Lunch at ta payoh.. Den kopi. Now the guys are outside playing xbox..cc saw me typing this n larf at me.. KNS!!!!!!!! hahahaha.. they cannot know abt this lor.. else i cannot anyhow talk bad abt them liao.. xÞ Think i go disturb them now~~ yayee~~~ Good to be back!
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Just came back from a good session with frens.

Batch 1: Sandralicious and Mandrake

Venue: Ah peng bah kut teh

Topics discussed: Where to find better food, aka bkt and porridge. Food, food and more FOOD!

Special mention: Thanks to Mandrake for the lift. ^-^

Batch 2: Eric and his kah giahs

Venue: Chinatown

Mission: To buy lots of cloth. Which eventually came down to buying 50m of cloth in various colours. I am blardy broke now. I'm sure Eric is more broke than i am. Haha.. I really shouldn't comprain. Eric!! I lup lup u!!

Special mention: Thanks to his kah giahs who provided endless enjoyment with their corny jokes like "Cannot drink too much green tea lah.. Later pee is green colour one.." "So if drink ribena whole day pee become red issit?" "No lah.. purple pee loh" -_-""""

Batch 3: High profile pple from main comm

Mission: To provide us with eye power

Special mention: Qiu hao getting better at verbal flirting sia. I am also honing my skills by interacting more with him. Hiack hiackz.

Batch 4: Ethan

Motive: To keep me company since i had ard 2 hrs to burn and he was in orchard and we decided to meet at dohby ghaut. Actually, i was the one who just said lets go down to PS. hahahaha.

Special mention:Made him skip mass dance also leh.. I is so evurl!!!!!! MWahahaha.. Bo bian lah.. he too nice.. kekeke~ Thank u Ethan! Lup u loads loads too!

Batch 5: Chuan chee

Motive: Dinner cum talk cock session. Which consists of major bitching abt our camp, incompetence, pple who do not move on in life and do not look far ahead, liasing with pple and some skills and tricks to deal with pple.

Special mention: We do not like working to kan cheong spiders. Worry so much for wad?! Like worrying will help. kns. Keep ur mouth shut and use ur eyes to see!

Batch 6: Raymond

Motive: To be "fang fei ji" by Gareth

Special mention: He was at the tau huay stall and din get anything. Siao gee na.

Batch 7: Mich n her milk bottle

Motive: None, i just bumped her earlier when i was with Ethan and told her we are gg for tau huay and asked her to go after her movie. hehee

Special mention: None. Advance thx to her for my gift maybe? hehehe

Finally... I'll be on hiatus. Dun miss me too much ok. I'll be on a romantic get-away with my bf. *beams*

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Been feeling a bit out of sorts these days cuz of camp n tuition. So i needed some pple or events to keep me grounded/sane. The only criteria is that no one is to be from Insinyur and only i can ocmplain to them abt camp. Hahaha.. They can complain to me abt anything other than camp. I've had enuf of camp lah.

Early in the morning had to go sch for the whole day. And since i was free in the evening, i decided to ask Mandrake out for dinner since i was already in the west. A while later, i received an sms from Barffie saying Mail Order Bride needed help. So i asked Sandra if she's gg cuz i think this will be the last meetup session i will haf b4 my hiatus. After a bit of thinking and stuff, she decided to go if i go. Since i was gg to be in the west, wad the heck lah, just go. See Mail Order Bride b4 she leaves for her loooong trip to Saigon i also happy~

Had a nice dinner with Mandrake. Been such a long time since i last saw him. Been a long time since i last saw Barffie too! How ahz? pple all busy busy~ I also busy busy. But after camp should be v v free. Can stay at home n watch anime all day long. Watching Sch Rumble now. Got new anime must chase after. Else i will be bored to tears. Cannot shop everyday mah. T_T Bo lui also. *ding ding*

Hollanded on the way to MOB's place. haha~ V funny lo. She wore the nice embroidered shoes from Saigon. Nice! Makes me wanna go there all over again can!! Last time when i went should haf bought more of those stuffs. lolz~ But i doubt i had such good taste den. kekeke. In fact, most of the stuff i bought from there duno throw where already. Only remembered my pirated CDs were all bought at a price of S$1 each. Duno tt time buy how many back sia. hahaha~

When we got to the place, wah..pple were sitting everywhere stretching the fabric. And i must say the pattern is damn ugly. I never knew pple will wear such stuff! Maybe cuz it's cheap but. Ugly leh!! somemore not bright n chirpy colours. It's black lo. For Xmas one. i think. eeks! But the 3 of us had fun stretching the fabric. Ok.. maybe tt wasn't fun, but we had a nice time talking to one another discussing abt issues, abt guys and other stuff. Den her elvis bro came to help. He still looks good leh. But i haf been warned to keep my hands off him cuz he's only 18. I know i know! I will zi dong one. I dun go for younger guys also. Somemore he got SO liao. I also dun go for attached pple. ^-^ But someone commented tt he's gd looking too! Which means my taste not bad lah. haha. *thick skinned*

Today was quite fun, cuz eric was there to help me relieve some of my tension. Cuz he n i.. arh ga liao. Hate planning stuff.. so while planning we bitch n plan.. till we had lots of fun planning. haha.. somemore can get things done. power horz? hehehe. But i had fun lah. And he got me the things tt i cannot find. Lup lup him.

Planning to go many places tmw. Must make full use of my final day mah. Got lunch, got work and finally got dessert. Best wae to end the day. My selegie tau huay! After tau huay i will haf energy to endure 2 wks of tekaning and zombiefied nights! Must haf more tmw. heehee~ greedy joel at work. scarely later get food poisoning den happy new yr liao. (choi choi choi)

MRT qi jia again!!!! I hope my MRT pass dun get affected. I is qiong shu sheng. $$ is to be spent on other.. more useful stuff. Yayness! Hopefully after this sem i will be rich rich. Den can go somewhere to take a break. As for FYP, i duno leh. Maybe will go overseas, maybe wun. Only 1 more yr left to plan my career path. So many paths. Decisions decisions. 1 yr will be over in a blink of the eye. I've been piahing in the god forsaken island of pulau NTU for 3 yrs already. 1 more yr. And it's already 3 yrs since my gang officially disbanded. But i guess if we din disband. Den i wun haf my tau huay gang now.

My stupid tau huay gang bo hiu me lor. Ask them wanna go eat tauhuay or not only 1 shuai ge reply me. The rest all bo hiu me. Machiam i transparent like tt. I is pissed. *hrumph* Nvm if the rest dun come, i go n tian mimi with my shuai ge.. the rest go n die. *pui* hahaha Den the shuai ge v good lor~ use internet sms me say he's uncle. Make me sms my entire list of uncles b4 i finally got him. So malu sia.

Go do more planning liao.. Everyday do planning hor.. I plan things damn power liao. Self proclaim one. hahahaha~

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I just realised, nice guys still exists in NTU! Heehee~ Went to source for prices of items for the upcoming camp. And Ethan offered to tag along even though he was the publicity officer. And we were suppose to meet at 2pm, but he was at the textile shop at 1+ and told me the shop was closed. *gosh* So change of plans, gg to meet him at 2 at chinatown instead. And me, being me, went out late. Was complaining to him abt the heat.. He's damn good at making me happy lo.. Lolz.. (Cuz i'm damn easy to cheat =Þ)

Me: My god.. so hot.. wanna melt already =s

Him: Hmmm.. in tat case, thank goodness i went to recce 1st, otherwise, u will really be melting..

Me: Will be a bitz late.. hehe.. the bus is not here yetz and i'm getting fried already

Him: Kk, no probs.. take ur time k? I've been waiting till 1.40pm, but ttz ok ya? Gals can be late, but not guys... teeheehee... =p

Aiyoooooo.... So nice... how?!?! Anyhow, we went to walk here n there n enjoy the aircon in the heat.. den like gg for picnic like tt, eat n shop for items at the same time.Finally got most of the stuff done and go home lo.. V hot sia. Den i hao lian to him i gonna get home 1st.. cuz tt tootz stays in woodlands!!!! Wah laoz.. some place where birds dun lay eggs. So far!!!!!!

Went i got home, i received the sms from him

Him: Me hope ur day'll be visibly brightened and tat u'll b able 2 njoy e rest of 2day. Take care ya? =p

Me: Lolz, orh. I reached hm lo! hehehe, thx for ur company during price hunting too!

Him: Hmmph! *turns head away* Heez... kk.. so nvious of  u... u're welcome. Really njoyed ur company, ya know.. juz wan ya 2 know e pleasure's all mine =)

V nice lo, he knew that my entire family went to JB and left me alone here to do shopping for my camp. And i was telling how upset i was cuz i dun get to eat my seafood. When i got his sms.. i was just smiling to myself. Hehe~ V baichi.. But eh, pple say nice things leh.. even if it's fake u will also feel happy one wad.. =Þ Anywae, i just hope he's not gay lor.. I HOPE!!!!! *crosses fingers, crosses toes* Else another hao nan ren which i can only be hao jie mei with. KNS. But his smses sounds gay leh.. how ahz? Is it another case of my antenna being too long now? *sigh* boohoohoo~~~

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