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FYP 1st draft of report.. Done!

Truth be told, I have never pull an all nighter throughout my past 3+ (almost 4) yrs of my NTU life.

So, this FYP thing is really making everyone(me, included) gong gong.

Even as I'm typing this, there are a few others who are still piahing their reports. Deadlines are cool, they force us to finish something even when there is nt enuf time left. Woohoo~

Now I haf to think of what to do before I haf to get ready for sch. Leaving for sch in 2 hrs time. Hurhurhur. Not funny. I can't even type properly anymore. 1st thing i'm gonna do after I hand in my damn report is to sleep till evening. Woots!!

*runs off to find stuff to do*