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(no subject)

Jun. 25th, 2006 | 11:25 pm

Ben n Jerry's

After a few days of running out of ice cream and being too lazy to buy it.. I finally went down to get a tub~ Yippee~~

Josh's Place 008
Now who should appear but this yao gui(hungry ghost) who is trying to show off her super powers..

Being the nice person I am, I asked her to go get a spoon.

Josh's Place

This was wha she came back with. A blardy ladle can!!! Siao ah!!

Dun care abt her liao. *Continues watching soccer n eating ice cream* ohh~~

I <3 McFly!!!

Jun. 24th, 2006 | 06:51 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy

I never meant the things I said
To make you cry
Can I say I'm sorry

It's hard to forget

And yes I regret
All these mistakes
I don't know why you're leaving Me
But I know you must have your reasons
There's tears in your eyes
I watch as you cry
But it's getting late

Was I invading in on your secrets
Was I too close for comfort
You're pushing me out
When I'm wanting in
What was I just about to discover
When I got too close for comfort
Driving you home
Guess I'll never know

Remember when we scratched our names into the sand
And told me you loved me
But now that I find
That you've changed your mind
I'm lost the words
And everything I feel for you
I wrote down on one piece of paper
The one in your hand
You won't understand
How much it hurts to let you go

Was I invading in on your secrets
Was I too close for comfort
You're pushing me out
When I'm wanting in
What was I just about to discover
I got too close for comfort
Driving you home
Guess I'll never know

All this time you've been telling me lies
Hidden in bags that are under your eyes
And when I asked you I knew I was right

But if you turn your back on me now
When I need you most
But you just let me down, down, down

Would you think about what you're about to do to me
And back down...

Was I invading in on your secrets
Was I too close for comfort
You're pushing me out
When I'm wanting in
What was I just about to discover
I got too close for comfort
You're pushing me out
When I'm wanting in
(Yeh yeh yeh)

What was I just about to discover
When I got too close for comfort
Driving you home
I guess I'll never know...


Jun. 23rd, 2006 | 09:52 pm

Met up with Raymond for lunch at what seems to be teh freq hideout of mine these days. Hurhur~ (He choose one.. nt me..) lalala~ As usual, I had what I always haf there.. Nt as nice as the one we had at bugis. But can pass lah~ ^-^

Next, went to Josh's place as he offered to cook! Whee~~ But hor.. due to lunch.. I went late lah.. And hor.. Basically my job was to stand there, pose n bring some drinks. Hahaha~ And help to eat lah!!

So this was what he whipped up for us. So lihai right!!!! All he do one leh!!!

And hor.. I wanna comprain!!! Y my skills so laoya one!!! His chicken pic(left) come out so juicy and nice one.. Den mine(right) looks so.. soo.. Plain!! Wei she mo!!! Joshua!! Teach meeeeeeeeee~~~ Heh~ But his pics really come out with more colours lah.. Time to bug Raymond to teach me something liao. La di da~~

This is a public announcement service

Jun. 22nd, 2006 | 09:05 pm


CC cannot make it this wed.

Pls find another leg.

Thankew very muchie~~

This is the end of the public announcement. Thank you~

So heng ah!!

Jun. 22nd, 2006 | 07:42 pm

So heng that I stuck lottery(the indonesian kind) within a space of 1 week.

Ahh.. my life never fail to surprise me.

I wonder if I'll strike another one b4 I leave for my hols.


Jun. 22nd, 2006 | 01:34 am

Due to some unforseen circumstances.. Ajushi and I came out earlier than expected. (Damn, he say come out earlier can watch movie one!! But I was mapling.. and din hear the fone. Baka!!!!)

Den we walk walk ard.. talk cock a lot.. And went to meet Guoan. Dun pray pray okie!!! Pple 1st class one.. Den hor.. studying for PhD liao. Steady lor. Nxt time call him prof Du! Heehee~~

Walked to Lau pa Sat for dinner.. The foods was gud!!! The conversations were funny and filled with a lot of experiences. Ahahaha~

Here's dinner:


After the delicious n fattening meal, we took a nice long walk down to Fullerton. The lights are so nice.. And we just talk n talk and.. and I kept suaning Ajushi on the wae there. Wahahaah~ Cuz he remember how he sent Snoopy hm and forgot to ask her the impt qn~ These kind of thing how to forget one!!! Must be no heart lor. Den now he like.. gif up le. Cuz she got bf.. Too bad lah.. hahhaa~~ Come, I lend u my skinny shoulder~ ^-^

So nice right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So pretty~~~~

And these 2 are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahaha~~ The both of them out together I tink i wanna larf to death liao.. Hahaha~

And den.. we walked down to the food center and talked more abt pple's problems and how we became aunt agonys and exchanged pointers. Den Guo an told us that we can go n write a book already. *Looks at Ajushi* I tink he write, I edit better.. Acknowledge me n pay me royalties can le. hahahaha~ Lest I kena K by my friends.

But I tink we should write a book too~ hahaha~ Probably 10 yrs down the rd, it will continue to be a best seller. heeheehee~ And Ajushi!! Learn frm Guo An okie! Pple so nice.. Ask u do something also hem n haw. Duno waiting for sky to fall down or wad. *bleah* *sticks out tongue* And hor.. he even sent me a v nice sms. U mei liang xing one u!! (Ok lah, cuz Ajushi too happy he won the WC bet. I also happy cuz I get my mac. Den can get fatfat ^-^)

So I had a lot of fun today!!! Keke~ At least never wait time to go out with the both of them. My lab mates are so nice.. and so smart.. Hohoho~~ Always let me bully also.. Best pple I can find.. Hahaha~~ Come out with me more okie!!! *beams*

Cheering pple on~~

Jun. 21st, 2006 | 12:25 pm

Everyone seems to need a little cheering on these few days.

After spending lots n lots of moolah yest.. I tink I'm feeling gud enuf to cheer pple on to go a little further..

Gareth ajushi!! gogogo~~ Go n find ur Snoopy mei~~

Chio bu Michi!!! Go n find ur camera!! Woosh~ Den take many many beautiful peektures when we go SH!!!

Blur blur aristal~ Im gg to be as blur as u already.. Soon, we shall come over n find u!! And Mich will haf to take care of 2(!) blur sotongs.. hahha~

CC ajushi!! Ur woodlands dun want you, we still love u bery bery much~~

As for myself, I'm still alive.. and kicking.. (preferably kicking ah siao Alvin)  And spending $$ like I just struck lottery. (*ahem* maybe really stike lottery.. but of a different kind.. the indonesian kind. hurhurhur.)

Blor toot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun. 20th, 2006 | 11:29 pm

1stly, I forgot to lock my gate n door for 2+ hrs with no one in the hse.. (Thank God for Sg's low crime rate)

2nd.. Si lang(s) Mandrake n Duckie tricked me to telling them something that I would haf preferred them.. nt to haf know.. (Dammit!!!!)

Den... den I'm being larfed at right now.


PitStop Cafe~~~

Jun. 20th, 2006 | 03:14 pm

Heels kill~

Jun. 19th, 2006 | 06:01 pm

Im suffering now, cuz I've been walking ard too much in my damn heels. >.<

The muscle just above the ankles haf been pulled i guess.. Now pain lor.. To tink I dun even suffer so much when I go jogging for long stretches. T_T Now I just need to rest my leggies in my track shoes.