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Happy 2009!

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Jan. 2nd, 2009 | 11:24 pm
mood: bitchy bitchy

To you, asking me how to break up. Go to hell.

To you and your stupid greeny mucousy friend. Fark you.

To your big fat pimple. Zap you to death.

To you, you, you and you. May you get dizzy, woozy and delirious from my germie babies gg ard.

I cannot eat chocs because of greeny mucousy friend. KNN.

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From: anonymous
Date: Apr. 7th, 2010 11:24 pm (UTC)

then in the first place with me.. and now going thru all this thing.. sigh.. nvm.. make u feel important.. btw, gals im nt good looking.. haha.. so, dun waste time.. get publicised then embarass urself.. haha... then tats when mr " ho kia' come in and console the gal.. wif good language, winks... he did it again.. haha.. if guys dun haf pride or ego is nt guy... ( im mAKING THINGS EASIER FOR U "BRO") HAHA... u all is as bo liao as me.. anyway, i joke joke, no offense lah... the world like tat wat.. three little pigs.. oso gt two side of the story... the fat piigs eat nth to do, disturb the wolf.. the wolf get angry eat the pig... then spit back on the floor.. nt halal.... hahaha... i love evrybody... haha.. i oso dun care.. all noe me noe i dun go ard find trouble.. but ...... oooops.. i haf become humble... i went bedok 85 2nd time to kiss my many gf.. and to clean traitor.. haha... btw, chick dun so angry.. i say chick and nt chicks... and i say pig and nt pigs...

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