®JoeL® (_joel_) wrote,

Pet peeves~

I suddenly though of 2.

I tink i really loathe gg out with guys who are half stoned. I mean, who doesn't want to go out with a guy who looks presentable right. I've learnt how to close one eye to sloppy-can-see-kar-mor-wear. But hor, to look like u're high on cheap drugs or half sloshed most of the time. Hmmm.. No wonder guys like to date gers with big eyes. Cuz they look fresher tt wae. Mre awake. Instead of those "feng yan" looks small small like half asleep kind.

Guys who talk big dun do. These kind confirm condemn lah. If it's once or twice, i will close one eye. But if u do that all the time. Ok, I will just take it tt u are a mozzie flying past me.. Just know tt i will no longer believe in wadeva shit tt u say lah. Since it doesn't go into this puny brain of mine.

Wahhh.. I think these 2 are really my pet peeves. When I blog abt this, i feel my blood boiling. I can't believe it took me so long to realise. Must be the holy spirit talking to me. "Dig those pet peeves outta you and throw them away"

Errrrrmmmm, I try lah. I try. (Veli hard to do one u know!!!!)

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