®JoeL® (_joel_) wrote,

Ohhhhhhhh Hoooooooo~~~

Italy won!!!!!!!!!! Italy won!!! TOTTI!!!!!!!! PENALTY!!!!!!


Im damn happy lah, cuz how.. Wah piangz. Score during the 95th min can!!! If he never score.. I lose $$ again.. T_T

But wah laoooooo~~ Last min heng heng penalty sia! Wooohoooo~~~~~

I got enuf $$ to buy me a new tub of Ben n Jerry's!!!!!


ps: I tink betting is nt gd for the heart. No gd at all. But v v exciting when u win lah.. Ahahaha~ Watching soccer for all the wrong reasons this time rnd. This is no gd. =Þ

pps: On another note, my neighbouring blk got surround sound one. B4 I realised a penalty was gonna be given, I heard some woooo n ohhhhh sonds. And when I watched the match, they were getting ready to take the penalty, so i switched to live score and I saw.. Italy 1!!!! Ahahaa~ No $$ to pay for WC channel is lidat lor. Haf to depend on my v gd neighbours, v gd internet updates and nt so fast ESPN. But I'm nt complaining. Can watch can le! yay!

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