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Been feeling a bit out of sorts these days cuz of camp n tuition. So i needed some pple or events to keep me grounded/sane. The only criteria is that no one is to be from Insinyur and only i can ocmplain to them abt camp. Hahaha.. They can complain to me abt anything other than camp. I've had enuf of camp lah.

Early in the morning had to go sch for the whole day. And since i was free in the evening, i decided to ask Mandrake out for dinner since i was already in the west. A while later, i received an sms from Barffie saying Mail Order Bride needed help. So i asked Sandra if she's gg cuz i think this will be the last meetup session i will haf b4 my hiatus. After a bit of thinking and stuff, she decided to go if i go. Since i was gg to be in the west, wad the heck lah, just go. See Mail Order Bride b4 she leaves for her loooong trip to Saigon i also happy~

Had a nice dinner with Mandrake. Been such a long time since i last saw him. Been a long time since i last saw Barffie too! How ahz? pple all busy busy~ I also busy busy. But after camp should be v v free. Can stay at home n watch anime all day long. Watching Sch Rumble now. Got new anime must chase after. Else i will be bored to tears. Cannot shop everyday mah. T_T Bo lui also. *ding ding*

Hollanded on the way to MOB's place. haha~ V funny lo. She wore the nice embroidered shoes from Saigon. Nice! Makes me wanna go there all over again can!! Last time when i went should haf bought more of those stuffs. lolz~ But i doubt i had such good taste den. kekeke. In fact, most of the stuff i bought from there duno throw where already. Only remembered my pirated CDs were all bought at a price of S$1 each. Duno tt time buy how many back sia. hahaha~

When we got to the place, wah..pple were sitting everywhere stretching the fabric. And i must say the pattern is damn ugly. I never knew pple will wear such stuff! Maybe cuz it's cheap but. Ugly leh!! somemore not bright n chirpy colours. It's black lo. For Xmas one. i think. eeks! But the 3 of us had fun stretching the fabric. Ok.. maybe tt wasn't fun, but we had a nice time talking to one another discussing abt issues, abt guys and other stuff. Den her elvis bro came to help. He still looks good leh. But i haf been warned to keep my hands off him cuz he's only 18. I know i know! I will zi dong one. I dun go for younger guys also. Somemore he got SO liao. I also dun go for attached pple. ^-^ But someone commented tt he's gd looking too! Which means my taste not bad lah. haha. *thick skinned*

Today was quite fun, cuz eric was there to help me relieve some of my tension. Cuz he n i.. arh ga liao. Hate planning stuff.. so while planning we bitch n plan.. till we had lots of fun planning. haha.. somemore can get things done. power horz? hehehe. But i had fun lah. And he got me the things tt i cannot find. Lup lup him.

Planning to go many places tmw. Must make full use of my final day mah. Got lunch, got work and finally got dessert. Best wae to end the day. My selegie tau huay! After tau huay i will haf energy to endure 2 wks of tekaning and zombiefied nights! Must haf more tmw. heehee~ greedy joel at work. scarely later get food poisoning den happy new yr liao. (choi choi choi)

MRT qi jia again!!!! I hope my MRT pass dun get affected. I is qiong shu sheng. $$ is to be spent on other.. more useful stuff. Yayness! Hopefully after this sem i will be rich rich. Den can go somewhere to take a break. As for FYP, i duno leh. Maybe will go overseas, maybe wun. Only 1 more yr left to plan my career path. So many paths. Decisions decisions. 1 yr will be over in a blink of the eye. I've been piahing in the god forsaken island of pulau NTU for 3 yrs already. 1 more yr. And it's already 3 yrs since my gang officially disbanded. But i guess if we din disband. Den i wun haf my tau huay gang now.

My stupid tau huay gang bo hiu me lor. Ask them wanna go eat tauhuay or not only 1 shuai ge reply me. The rest all bo hiu me. Machiam i transparent like tt. I is pissed. *hrumph* Nvm if the rest dun come, i go n tian mimi with my shuai ge.. the rest go n die. *pui* hahaha Den the shuai ge v good lor~ use internet sms me say he's uncle. Make me sms my entire list of uncles b4 i finally got him. So malu sia.

Go do more planning liao.. Everyday do planning hor.. I plan things damn power liao. Self proclaim one. hahahaha~

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