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1st weekday at home!!! hohoho~ Feeling damn good leh =p Did all my laundry, planned my day, gg for guo tie, hair cut, and finally, make some cash at the end of the day to offset the hurt on my pocket. Just sent Mich on her wae to my kid's place. Looking at the pics of the meiji pics, i also wana buy them for myself. haha =p such a baby.. Think she should be fine with him. Time to go shopping, get more accessories, more clothes.. tmw i got 1 free day.. actually wanna haf lunch with sumbardy.. But he not free loh. *tsk.. dun gimme face =Þ* So gg shopping!!! And maybe dimsum lunch which reminds me.. i should go call them up to make sure they are open tmw.. EEks!!! The chinatown branch has been temporarily closed till further notic. But haf no fear.. we go to other branches.. For food, will travel.

Talking abt food, time to make a move~

"I like to move it move it"


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