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I just realised, nice guys still exists in NTU! Heehee~ Went to source for prices of items for the upcoming camp. And Ethan offered to tag along even though he was the publicity officer. And we were suppose to meet at 2pm, but he was at the textile shop at 1+ and told me the shop was closed. *gosh* So change of plans, gg to meet him at 2 at chinatown instead. And me, being me, went out late. Was complaining to him abt the heat.. He's damn good at making me happy lo.. Lolz.. (Cuz i'm damn easy to cheat =Þ)

Me: My god.. so hot.. wanna melt already =s

Him: Hmmm.. in tat case, thank goodness i went to recce 1st, otherwise, u will really be melting..

Me: Will be a bitz late.. hehe.. the bus is not here yetz and i'm getting fried already

Him: Kk, no probs.. take ur time k? I've been waiting till 1.40pm, but ttz ok ya? Gals can be late, but not guys... teeheehee... =p

Aiyoooooo.... So nice... how?!?! Anyhow, we went to walk here n there n enjoy the aircon in the heat.. den like gg for picnic like tt, eat n shop for items at the same time.Finally got most of the stuff done and go home lo.. V hot sia. Den i hao lian to him i gonna get home 1st.. cuz tt tootz stays in woodlands!!!! Wah laoz.. some place where birds dun lay eggs. So far!!!!!!

Went i got home, i received the sms from him

Him: Me hope ur day'll be visibly brightened and tat u'll b able 2 njoy e rest of 2day. Take care ya? =p

Me: Lolz, orh. I reached hm lo! hehehe, thx for ur company during price hunting too!

Him: Hmmph! *turns head away* Heez... kk.. so nvious of  u... u're welcome. Really njoyed ur company, ya know.. juz wan ya 2 know e pleasure's all mine =)

V nice lo, he knew that my entire family went to JB and left me alone here to do shopping for my camp. And i was telling how upset i was cuz i dun get to eat my seafood. When i got his sms.. i was just smiling to myself. Hehe~ V baichi.. But eh, pple say nice things leh.. even if it's fake u will also feel happy one wad.. =Þ Anywae, i just hope he's not gay lor.. I HOPE!!!!! *crosses fingers, crosses toes* Else another hao nan ren which i can only be hao jie mei with. KNS. But his smses sounds gay leh.. how ahz? Is it another case of my antenna being too long now? *sigh* boohoohoo~~~

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