June 29th, 2006

Mr Bomba (Pose)

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Went JB with Mich, Ajushi, Chao Ah Beng and Mrs Teng. Din slp enuf the day b4.. Went to meet them late n looked like a panda I think. hahaha~~

Ohh.. Amazing.. We saw the Viper, Monte Carlo (Never seen this b4), APR Evo 9s, S15 Silvia, Fair Lady 350z RX 7,RX 8, Mustang and other cars that I either duno or can't remember.

And tt guy... ohh so handsome~~ And he drifts so well... I wanna go learn driving ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Den we went to haf seafood. We tried another seafood place cause our usual haunt was closed. The standard nt tt gd leh. And we saw the big big stingray being chopped up. So biggggggg~~ @@

Able to rest for a few more days b4 Friday. And duno how long saturday's gonna take. See how lah. Just dun wanan go looking like a panda. Not gd at all. bleah.