June 27th, 2006

Monya (With tail)

Ohhhhhhhh Hoooooooo~~~

Italy won!!!!!!!!!! Italy won!!! TOTTI!!!!!!!! PENALTY!!!!!!


Im damn happy lah, cuz how.. Wah piangz. Score during the 95th min can!!! If he never score.. I lose $$ again.. T_T

But wah laoooooo~~ Last min heng heng penalty sia! Wooohoooo~~~~~

I got enuf $$ to buy me a new tub of Ben n Jerry's!!!!!


ps: I tink betting is nt gd for the heart. No gd at all. But v v exciting when u win lah.. Ahahaha~ Watching soccer for all the wrong reasons this time rnd. This is no gd. =Þ

pps: On another note, my neighbouring blk got surround sound one. B4 I realised a penalty was gonna be given, I heard some woooo n ohhhhh sonds. And when I watched the match, they were getting ready to take the penalty, so i switched to live score and I saw.. Italy 1!!!! Ahahaa~ No $$ to pay for WC channel is lidat lor. Haf to depend on my v gd neighbours, v gd internet updates and nt so fast ESPN. But I'm nt complaining. Can watch can le! yay!
Mr Bomba (Victory)

(no subject)

My sis just called to tell me.. Her hotel rm costs 400euros a night. !@#!@$@#%#$% Thats like what I'm paying for 10days of my holiday! Arghhhhhhhh~~~~

I must go get a high paying job. I must go find a high flying job. I must get a job that pays me well and something which I enjoy doing.

ps: I see a tunnel in front of me. Let's see if there's something waiting for me at the end of it. Go n check it out for fun also gd mah. Mwaahaahah~ Whee~~ *hi 5 to michi!*