June 26th, 2006

Mr Bomba (Victory)

Portugal Vs Holland

Did the last min thing again.. Someone was gg to buy Port win.. Den i chap ji kah(join in) just for fun.

So far (ht) so gd. Im just enjoying my ice cream. With ice cream.. no scare will slp during ht.

England won just now!! Woohoo!!! Cuz Beckham scored!! (Hiackz hiackz.. I tink he's damn heng lah.. but I like desu.. hohoho~) *muackz muackz*

Im almost done with my ice cream liao T_T Sianz..

WC is screwing up my bio clock wor~ All the 3am matches.. Making me slp at 5+ 6 den waking up in the early afternoon.. or sometimes in the late morning when some idiot decides to call me to ask me something. Want to ask me thing can wait till after 3pm or nt. Or when I go online liao. >.< Esp some bo liao thing. Eh! sms also can wake me up one ah.. The vibration of the fone is so powerful. Want to off the fone also cannot.

Sch's starting later. All my kids are gg to sch and most of them are rushing to finish their hmwk. Hahaha~ Went to teach early in the morning, in the heavy rain, even though I wanted to cancel cuz slpt late + such gd weather to zzz.. Too bad lah. For my holidays!!! I piah a bit now nvm de!!! Somemore this job already pays much better than most jobs. Esp with my qualifications. I tink Im nt v smart.. But as long as can make the kid like the subj can already bah. I hope.. hehe~

Starting to yawn liao. The match is starting too~ Go Port go!!! (The holland coach no longer looking spiffy in his polo tee~ He should stick to tight shirts~ *tiny gaydar popping out* heeheehee~~)

Ps: As the match was getting boring.. Some guy got 2 yellows and tt makes a red! Mwaahahha~~ 10 men agaisnt 10 men now. Woot!

And I realised tt the Holland coach IS wearing a white tight tee.. But he doesn't seem v happy. So I tink ttz y he doesn't look v gd today. Ahahaha~ So I guess ur mood really does affect how u look. kekeke~ Go Portugal!!
Monya (With tail)


Obviously u know wad I'm yay-ing abt lah.. And if u duno.. den nvm loh~ heehee~~

It was a v interesting last quarter u know!! Esp when u see 3 men sitting there like 3 little kids who are serving detention. They look so cute looking on at the game. ^-^ They were even talking to each other and discussing stuff I suppose. ^-^ Nxt time I shall say "Go Barcelona!" But now is nt the time.

Yayeeee~~~~~~ *goes to slp while other pple are getting ready to study*