June 23rd, 2006

Mr Bomba (Victory)


Met up with Raymond for lunch at what seems to be teh freq hideout of mine these days. Hurhur~ (He choose one.. nt me..) lalala~ As usual, I had what I always haf there.. Nt as nice as the one we had at bugis. But can pass lah~ ^-^

Next, went to Josh's place as he offered to cook! Whee~~ But hor.. due to lunch.. I went late lah.. And hor.. Basically my job was to stand there, pose n bring some drinks. Hahaha~ And help to eat lah!!

So this was what he whipped up for us. So lihai right!!!! All he do one leh!!!

And hor.. I wanna comprain!!! Y my skills so laoya one!!! His chicken pic(left) come out so juicy and nice one.. Den mine(right) looks so.. soo.. Plain!! Wei she mo!!! Joshua!! Teach meeeeeeeeee~~~ Heh~ But his pics really come out with more colours lah.. Time to bug Raymond to teach me something liao. La di da~~