June 21st, 2006


Cheering pple on~~

Everyone seems to need a little cheering on these few days.

After spending lots n lots of moolah yest.. I tink I'm feeling gud enuf to cheer pple on to go a little further..

Gareth ajushi!! gogogo~~ Go n find ur Snoopy mei~~

Chio bu Michi!!! Go n find ur camera!! Woosh~ Den take many many beautiful peektures when we go SH!!!

Blur blur aristal~ Im gg to be as blur as u already.. Soon, we shall come over n find u!! And Mich will haf to take care of 2(!) blur sotongs.. hahha~

CC ajushi!! Ur woodlands dun want you, we still love u bery bery much~~

As for myself, I'm still alive.. and kicking.. (preferably kicking ah siao Alvin)  And spending $$ like I just struck lottery. (*ahem* maybe really stike lottery.. but of a different kind.. the indonesian kind. hurhurhur.)