June 17th, 2006


You know..

Some days, U feel that something is missing.. But you don't know what it is...

This is one of those days.



On a gud note.. WTH was Argentina doing with 6-0!! Even more high than Spain lor!! @@

And the Holland match really v exciting.. One bugger sitting beside me kept wanting Holland to lose. Cannot ah! Holland tt one I last min still go and increase bet.. How can lose!! -_-""

Heng I never buy the mexico one.. Draw sia~ Duno who Angola is also. -___-""

Met quite a number of pple yest. I ish very happie~ But someone woke me up with some v irritating sounds. Slept so late le den still woke up so earlyyy!!! Wei She Mo~~~

Go maple liao.. Den.. Den go buy fishie balllllllssssss and meet my darlings~~ Ohh~ Can't wait!