June 11th, 2006



Ask them what they need me to do.. all busy with their own things and dun tell me.. Jsut say help. Also dun say help wad. Stay in my rm also wrong. Dun wanna do anything lor. Super sian.

Now 250am liao. Den hor, they are suppose to tell me what I'm suppose to do. I go out only kena scolding. -_-" Damn sian lor. Ask me to keep my things, so I throw in my rm.. Den scold me again. Argh.. TMD. Tell u, today never slp, tmw sure seh seh and all die one. Cuz will be angry, kan cheong. Den cuz they cannot scream at other pple, they will just disturb me. Sianzzzzzzzzzz.

After today I will start packing my notes liao. I haf all these stacks of notes in towerlike forms all over the room. And my tables are forever messy. Floor forever covered with stuff.

My sis is busy with the wedding stuff. So she's nt really irritating me.. It's my mom who forever so kancheong lidat. -___-" And being so irritating. So mah fun one. Disgusting. *pui*

Makeup for later~

1st time Im gg to plaster my face with makeup by meself. So hor.... I took all the things tt Im gonna use lor. So many boxes of stuff wor.. -__-" I tink I can..

(Eh.. my sis just passed me some CDs to find a song.. chope)



1. Pearly Powder Radiance Foundation (duno really radiant or nt?)
2. Powder Eyeshadow Sweet Pink and Violet
3. Blusher
4. Iridescent Fluid
5. Fairy Lights
6. Mascara
7. Concealer
8. Eyebrow pencil
9. Eyeliner
10. Lip gloss
11. Moisturiser
12. Matt pressed powder

Actually.. Now list out liao.. Nt a lot leh. Y ah? I tink It's the cases that these things comes in. Mwahahaa.. Ok lah.. So this is what they call SBO bah. haha~

Anywae, Tonight no need sleep liao. lol~


Seems like I haf a v impt role tmw!

Thus.. w/o me.. the wedding cannot start lah.. MWahahah~

Briefing over le.. Now hor.. Wait for daybreak~