June 9th, 2006


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Some idiots just want me to ask them out. So I die die dun ask them out. Hint me again and I'll poke ur eyes out. *pui*

And so.. the Treo 600 charger decides to give up on me. When I called ST hor.. They say I can only terminate in Aug 26th. Wah. I wait till hair white lor. By den the 800i come out le lor. I tink..

Woooo~~~ I might be able to find the charger~ I ish a very happie ger now. Gg off to hunt for the charger liao. Buh bye~~~

Dear Uncle Duckie~

Yours Truly is so sorry for killing ur hp charger. But hor, I managed to find a replacement liao lah. Dunch scold me okieeeeeeeee~~ T__________T


Went down Sim Lim to hunt for the almost obsolete charger in the afternoon. Den the one eye itchy guy decided nt to go to JB and wants to go Bugis arcade. There goes my DVDs lor. But also gud lah. Hunting ard SL is a v boring thing leh. like.. So many shops. All selling rubbish de. (Ok, nt exactly rubbish, but nt wad I want mah)

But now happy liao lor. I found what I wanted. I ish sooo happyyyyy~~ *smile frm ear to ear*

Den after tt we went to eat the mee hor.. Wah.. Very nice leh. I tink they must haf added a lot of MSG lor. Else where got so nice one. Want to bluff me. >.< But really shiok lah. By den very hungry liao. I tink eat anything also say nice.


Just finished 1 lesson. Later still got another one. Super sian lor. Last min something came up and I haf to go teach. Hurhur. Also gud lor. Lui bin is lidat one. HAHAHA~ What to do. Small ger everything also want. Want thing must spend $$ mah. So.. so lidat lor. Hahaha~


Some idiot fly me aeroplane go New Zealand with her sis. I is a little upset. Hrumph.


I collected my convo gown yest. Look so damn toot. After tt we went to eat Bak kut tehhh.. So nice so nice.. Poor Mr Hu was forced to finish his soup even though he is v scared of the peppery smell cuz I said if he dun finish, we dun go. Whahaha~  But the soup really v nice mah.

Den tt guy die die want to drink Irish coffee. Den a bit duno the directions one. In the end keep missing the car park. Poor guy dio summon the day b4 only. Hahaha~ Go out with his star.. and the Snoopy and the monkey. Lol~ Go to those funny places. *shakes head*


Used the chances to beat up the monkey a bit. Tt guy damn kua zhang. Bit a bit only say very pain. Weak!! *bleah*


Wedding is like 2 days away.. But I haven found the bag to bring yet. Hahaha~ Ehh.. I duno bring wad bag. So wad.. I only know I need to go n take the fan. Make sure tt all my relatives are seated and no lobangs.. And.. And.. I'll be sitting in the BMW!!! Lol~

Oh yar.. And the photographer is supposely very cute and very single!!!

(Sooo.. Is he gay?)


Remote.... Check

Tv.... Check

Sofa.... Check

Drinks drinks Drinks!!!... Check

New York Super Fudge Chunk.... Check

Msn with some stupid animal..... Duno for wad also. (Anywae horrrrrr.. pple say sleep on floor let me take bed lehhhhhh.. wahahaha.. Hmmm... Den hor.. kns... ask me to wait long long..  his nt say v long.. means I maybe wait n wait also wun see long long le.. TMD. Si shortie.

Ok.. Can liao.. *Goes sit in front of the teebee*