June 7th, 2006



Actaully wanna go n KO liao.. But since still can tahan a bit, I've decided to do a small tiny one~ hahaha~

yest was the 1st day of invigilation, and the moment I walked into the exam hall, wah lao.. the place so stuffy. Aircon nt on yet.. Den I tink cuz nt enuf O2 den start to be a bit seh seh liao. So for the entire exam, I was just walking up n down like a zombie lidat. V jialat.

After tt hor.. Since Ah gu was at the venue, i very the BHB de. Slept in the car for v long ah (Cuz stuck in jam also).. hurhur~ At least got bk a little energy. My friend was telling me heng I never go n take public transport. The pple there were horrible. Ohhh.. @@ I tink i go there sure die there. His sister cute cute one.. waaahaha~ Looks more intelligent than my sis. Ah wei! U toot! Can u go n do something abt ur fashion sense!!

Ehh.. den when I got hm, pop 2 panadols and started to just liw down everywhere.. Like some super weak patient. haha.. My poor Ah wei had to do what she did 2 wks ago.. Poor ger. Lol~ Bo bian mah. sick is sick wad. I tink Im super weak lor. never run enuf. WEAK!

Anywae, now I is ok liao. Cuz medicine take liao, slp enuf liao, sick enuf liao. Went to work today and practice standing for a few hrs. Lol..

Den went to the JL sale.. where we went to disturb my cousin. Actually din know he was working there until I saw him. Wahaha.. He is so very the heng lo. Kekeke~

Den went to Fish n Co.. legs nearly gave wae liao lor. I tink I old liao lah.. Stand also cannot stand. haha~ sianzz..

And tt marks the end of my sick sick 1 day?

Just poped another one, just in case. Gg to zzz liao.

ps: To whom I did nt reply smses promptly to, or did nt reply to at all yest abt my results, or din pick up ur calls one. Sorry ah, sick lah. sleeping, n too weak to ans call. Hurhur~ Anywae, U all know my results liao right. T_T