June 4th, 2006


Angry angry angry!!!!!!!



How can pple be so stupid, so selfish, so idiotic!!!!!

Over the last wk, I tink I've seen all kinds of pple liao. Gah.. Irritating the hell out of me.. At how such pple exists.

How can pple leave their female friend in a foreign land and at 2am at night!! After pubbing!! No fone, no cash.. dun even wait for her to come back!! TMD!!! Hope they all kena langah by lorry, bodies thrown into the Yellow river.

If u think tt cursing pple to get killed is very evil of me, u must be crazy lor. Wad if the female kena raped, sold or lost till duno where? No money no fone leh. Siao bo. Not Sg lor.. China leh. TMD. Den never apologise for nt waiting for her. All act like nothing happened. Act blur very nice issit!! And all the damn guys act blur like nothing happened also lor!! WTH!! Ger can act blur, it is our luxury. But Blardy hell, guys acting blur is nt cool or funny lor. It's damn irritating! And dun act cute lah. Guys acting cute can cause a flower to rot n wilt instantaneously. PUI!!!!!!

All the dumb dumb fair weathered friends. To tink that she still forgo her Huangshan trip to accompany one of the gers, scared she lonely. These kind of pple no need to care lor. Can even use shoe and throw at them.. Shoe ex, use slipper instead. And never even apologise to her, can get angry with her for leaving w/o telling them somemore!! She got nothing with her lor! How far do u think she will go! U pple all slow n cock issit?

And these pple like focus on all the not so impt matters and leave out all the big big matters so that it will look like it's nt their fault. And the poor ger also canot do anything but endure. These pple all something wrong with their brains one. Parents never teach properly issit! Pple gif u an inch, U take a yard. Enuf is enuf lor. ptooi!

And finally, all those guys who try to act blur should just all go incinerate themselves. Blardy nimkumpoots. What must it take to tell u that it is a luxury given the the female species. Take it like a man lah! (Nobody ever says take it like a woman for a reason right!!!)