May 27th, 2006


Weird/ Sad

I dreamt that my bf died.. and i went into depression tt kinda thing.. den I left hm and wandered ard for a veli long period of time. Nt long after, a friend who found me got killed at point blank leaving his gf behind. Double shock. Den after tt I just floated ard even more.. like a ghost.

Met a person who's motobike can emit fire, and den another person who uses his porsche to hit other pple's car den run away, and a pink voltswagen.

The ending? I forget leh.. I remember I was veli veli sad ah.. Den Mich's sms woke me up. SIA wothdrew their 2nd day of interviews. Which meant tt we missed it again cuz we din go for the 1st day.

What a nice start to the day. Luckily there something gud happening later.. And I'm late~ hohoho. It's ok, the cook also always tu(2) and tu(2) and make his guinea pigs watch Da Chang Jin!! *there's a slight chill in the air*

Better go now. tata~

ps: yest came bk smelling veli veli bad. My sis commented that everywhere I walked, I leave a trail behind me, ultimately stinking up my rm.. hurhur.. Nt funny. *bish*