May 26th, 2006

Monya (Happy)


Someone reminded me that the veli veli 1st big meetup was at hideout ard this time last yr.

So I veli bo liao, go n check my past entries.. Soo.. As of now.. May 26th.. is like 1 yr liao lorrrr.... Although I met a lot of the old barflies b4 the 26th lah~

And I tink  most of us still are together cuz we drink a lot.. play a lot and rot a lot and talk cock a lot. I mean, Now tt it's easier to keep track of the no of conversations tt we haf, It's still quite happening during peak periods.

Now that I'm of a diff status now (aka jobless, previously i was on internship >.< stupid 730am coy) I'm veli happily living comfortably and frm now on, on a quest to cut down on shopping just when everyone is shopping like mad. Cuz, usually GSS I dun find anything nice to buy one. lalala~ But this yr diff ah.. I start shopping online.. and the worse thing is, online no GSS one. blardy heow~

Might start doing something constructive tmw. Been away frm earth for the past wk. Now LL must come bk. *sigh* Work harder, be smarter, get rich faster. Amen~