May 17th, 2006



Went to sch today to get my FYP report binded.

After dilly dallying at the lib for a while, angela mich n i went far east to get my gown altered. Wah laoooooo... Alteration damn ex can. I mean, I sua ku never alter b4 but.. Wah liewwwww.. Can buy 1 new normal dress liao. -___-""" Or at least a bag. *pui* At least the mini dim sum lunch was full-filling for our leetle stomachs.

After walking ard for a while, none of us could find anything tt we liked, so we went hm. The moment i started surfing i found a veli pretty skirty online.... and I proceeded to buy it. >.<

So basically, today, only spend $$ never earn $$.. *tsk tsk* Never earn $ still spend so much. I tink I just went slightly above $100 today. T_T Where is my blardy determination. And when was it tt day that i spent so much on accessories? (Note to self: Do nt gif in to pretty sparkly stuff. Time to save up for those damn diamonds)

And what do I do in the evening? Checking out holiday destinations lor. Shortlisted Shanghai and Saigon.

Time to pull up my socks and think of what i wanna do in the not so distant future. Now.. back to more soppy dramas.