April 29th, 2006


(no subject)

I'm so happy to be home on a weekend. And do nothing except to do what i wanna do. Else I'd be running all over the place meeting pple, getting things done and trying to rush thru all my anime. What's the fun of watching a show when u're engrossed in some other thing most of the time?

After this exams, i need some timeout sia~ Times when i can walk walk at my own sweet pace, watch what i wanna watch w/o rushing. Although by tt time, i would be complaining that it's boring to stay at home. I can almost see the peekture already~

The day was spent reading the whole law txt. I managed to read thru the book for 1 day leh! Den i go hm. Motivation of the day~ Was of cuz~ maomao~ haha~ Early in the morning spotted him liao. Steady~ B4 go hm, see him a few more times, enuff liao~ Gd reward for my hard work for the day. He looks so clueless n innocent. I is teh happie~

Fan jian ness level is gg up exponentially. I think it's cuz of the exams.. boo~~

Time to do zero thinking~ yayee~~