April 28th, 2006


(no subject)

While coming bk canteen,mao mao's grp van drove past and someone shouted "Eh! NIE tmw leh!!"

So. I think we are regulars of NIE liao.. and my maomao beoing skills are no longer a secret.. cheyyyy..

But too bad, we haf exams tmw. So nt gg NIE. And I haf to work tmw also. bleah. Will miss my mao mao.. *sniff sniff*

And I think they cannot recognise me lah.. They recognise libin one, den im the associate of her.. Small fry nia~~ (I hope, else super sia suay lah.. -_-" And mao mao always ignore me one.. tmd.. *hrumph*)

time to memorise more 427.. memorise till we all gg siao lilao lahhh