March 17th, 2006


Super tired now but...

-Watched a movie

-I got to eat super spicy ba kut teh~ *woohoo*

-Met ah tan and see what he wants(nt so gd)

-Auntie Gareth let me abuse for the whole of today(I think he guilty of something lor!)

-Alvin shouted frm b5 to b4, "I read ur blog yest!! Super funny!!" Auntie Gareth!! U never die b4 issit!! Show him what I write!!!!!!! No wonder u so gd to me today!!! (Ok, maybe gd to me everyday but today still let me whack all the time -_-")

-E412 is over!! As in left testing to do on wed.

-Skipped the last bit of E412 cuz lazy ah

-Chauffer, check

-Ice cube trays, check

-Meatballs, check

-Steak, check

-Shopping, check

-Mad screaming, shouting, whining, poking, slapping and movie, check

Tt last bit was v tiring ah. I needed lotsa caffine to survive thru tt, and nearly fell asleep during the movie. I think, I think I should nt do it again in the near future. 4 hrs of slp, 2 full days of hectic schedules, 1 report to finish, 1 prog to revise and 5 subs to go. I think I can become mini-superwoman liao? Think still cannot. Do little bit by little bit bah. At least 412 finish le. yayee~~

*shuts down*