March 13th, 2006



Sometimes, routine rawks. Like, U don't haf to think too much into things. Everything just happens.

Gareth says I'm a person who doesn't like challenges. I agree. Challenges that I cannot solve sucks. bleah. I dun like.

Things which leaves me hanging there I hate. heeheehee~ Like.. spider spin web never spin properly. *ok, nt funny*

Anywae, am taking things slow for the beginning of the wk, which means sleeping early, gg to sch, returning hm, teach a bit, watch a few shows, go shopping a little, haf a few lunches n dinners. And after tt it'll be a few days of hell again. Im sure I can do this lah. Few more days of nocturnal (or rather, 24hr) activities for a few days only mah. Who scared who. =Þ

Gg to sleep. Am v v tired. Am gonna try to disturb pple early in the morning. Acting like the early bird these days. No thanks to some kind soul who sleep so little. Can gif ah siao morning call super early one. *dot dot dot* U wait ah. Nxt time i take revenge on u. Right now, im just content disturbing pple with my smses. *crazy*