March 8th, 2006


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No matter how irritating he might sometimes be, he still drops me an sms, a call or comes online to make sure I'm doing ok.

I'm v hard to please meh? KNS. T___T

Reasons pple tell me why I'm hard to please.

Too independent liao lah, got diff mindset of being happy

Eh, u think I want to work ah? Give me a choice of work or laze ard waiting for $$ to come of cuz i'll choose the latter. I'm nt a workaholic ok, neither am I such a noble soul to find 100% pleasure in teaching. I'm just realistic lor. Want to work also must find something tt pays me well + got added social benefits. Not the other wae round. Diff priorities ah.. (Note tt studying is nt in the picture...)

So picky!!! Please u like must move mountains, swim oceans one!

Pple say picky, u also join in the fun. Siao ah! I where got picky lor. Kns. I dun anyhow pick things up one okaaaaay!!!! Go pick urself. Move mountain somemore, think wad, trekking ah. *grumbles*

U v critical abt everyone lor. Pple think u happy, den u go criticise them.

But I dun tell everyone what i dun like abt them wad. If I tell u what I dun like abt u, u must be v v honoured lor. I only tell tt to those whom I'm damn close to, those whom I always make fun of and those whom I super duper cannot stand being beside them(by this stage, i tell u, must be super duper jialat kind lor.. a gd example will be loooking+smelling like a rubbish bin) And hor, using the example of the guy in my lec who always comes to tutorial in the same black t shirt one(I only notice cuz he always sites with my suai ge and the black shirt is always the black one with the cmi kakashi ninja figure imprinted at the back) He plan swee swee every tues wear the same t shirt one meh!! If u are reading this right now, pls change shirt every mon, tues and thurs. Better still, can dun wear the same thing for at least 2 wks or not???????? -_-" But I no go up to u and tell u. Cuz a) I duno u. b) I'm nt gonna be standing near u. c) Tell u, U also thing i ah siao. d) I like having a subj to keep me entertained during lecs n tuts. (I think today overload lah. Nt enuf sleep. Uncle Gareth see me also scared. Wahahahahaa *roars*)

U club too much wor~ See so many things, still easy to please meh?

Who dare to say I club too much!!!!!!!! I never go club for v long liao wor!!!! I even cut down on drinking!! ANGWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes, u mad tt time, v scary one leh. Do everything also cannot please u

Y my frens all so off topic one?!?!?!!?!?!?!

I dun care liao. Hard to please, hard to please lor. So long as I'm nt doing the pleasing. *Feels like STABBING the PERSON who TOLD me tt just now.. TMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

ps: In bad mood lah. FYP nt getting on v well, nt enuf sleep, and it's almost 2 liao. I can go on n on but I shall nt bore u peeps with the boring details. Just sleep n make sure tmw is a better day. *weak fake smile*

pps: Did I mention tt my HTML super super big time? bleaghhhhhhhhh

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Why do some pple make other pple's lives miserable just because someone made theirs hellish?

And why do some pple just make other pple miserable becase they are scared?

Life's a bitch. Damn.