January 1st, 2006


1st post of 2006!!

Derek's b'dae was a v musically inclined kinda party. After the pple sang him his v own b'dae song, machiam like "someone's valve just open. cannot stop till they get more" in this case, music i guess. Josh n gang were singing towards the later part of the party, even hear one of his nus frens asking "derek! got wedding here ah? where's ur bride?" -_-" pple like to sing wad.. seldom get a chance to sing mah. *bleah*

The dessert was a bit gross though. We haa melted ben n Jerry's. A freaking waste of a gd wad.. 6 tubs of ice cream?!?! I is v sad.. T_T Left the JC gang to attend an impromtu meetup for drinks. The place was like, "mountain pple mountain sea". I damn scared of cowds one lor.. see liao a bit >.< Heng the place tt we went to weren't tt bad. I've never seen more pple wnating to grab fast food at tt time of the night. Siao ah! Want to eat, eat some other day lah!! Queue so long.. -_-"

Had a lot of fun listening to crap and enjoying the fireworks. They were beautiful. And the schnappi song came up. I forgot y also. But, v nice~ lol.. I got 童年 one. kekeke~ What happened after tt was even better, the jokes got more n more evurl and they got lamer n lamer. Esp the part abt "She's a C". Awesome~

Nice ending to 2005 and a pretty gd start to 2006. I believe, gd things are happening this yr. ^-^ It's holiday tmw! Yay!