November 27th, 2003


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Just got into class.. Pretty late i guess. i was suppose to be here by 830 but right now, less than half the class is present. Everyone is doing their stuff. Now's not my turn to be using the key, so i'll be using it after lunch. I'm thinking. How in the world will i haf the time to use the software at home if i haf to stay in sch even when i dun haf the key. So i'm gonna come up wif another method. I'm gonna ask permission from my tutor to let us go bk early or come in late and use the software at home cuz staying in sch and reading the manual. I've finished the entire think manual already but i need the software to carry the instructions out. Either way. I want to go back early instead of always 5pm.

And i skipped meeting yest. I was too tired already. DEn on the wae to the bus stop i saw TK wif his nice tan bod. Haha.. Ok. No drooling. So when i got back i was so darn tired. Actually wanted to go down for a jog. But it feels even worse than when i was working at MB. Even when i was working there i had the energy to go down for a jog. But the mental stress from the project seems to be worse than the physical stress. Guess ttz cuz i can put up with physical strain v well. As for mental health, it's another issue altogether. Who knoes what kind of damage i've done to my poor brain already.

Snapfish i giving me problems. First i coulsn't see elementz's pics den it was jaz_aug's shots. All i could see was snapfish icons. Like tts so interesting. *bleah* It's Michelle's organ exams today. Hope that she will do well for it. My mom has been pestering me to go bk to my violin but i dun think i want to. Even if i want to take up music. It will not be back to violin. Perhaps i'll get a keyboard and start irritating the neighbours. My neighbours have been pretty nice abt my sister's violin playing. So if i haf the keyboard, i dun think they will mind. But 1st, a job. Not having enough money to spend is really a problem. And i dun want to chalk up a whole lot of debts anywhere, everywhere. Now i haf to make sure my acc floats so that when sch reopens i will still haf enough to pay for everything in case i still can't find a job. I also haf to control my drinking of water. The sch's water coolers sucks. I think the filters haf rusted or something. The water tastes metallisc to the extent that i prefered to drink water from the tap. But both ways are bad for the body. So i will survive on my sigg water alone. And maybe go down and get mineral water instead of drinking from the taps.

With the xmas shopping done. The things i can look forward to would be the xmas lights along the roads of orchard rd. Haven't been there since eid started. Having gotten the presents during the eams, there is no reason for me to go down there and squeeze with pple. Am thinking of a day to go there to enjoy a walk from Palai renaissance all the way down to PS. But no one is able to walk tt long except for me. I must find some victims to implement this on them. =p
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