September 10th, 2003



This is sooo maddening. How can there be pple be so freaking stupid?? Buy back fresh milk and leaving it outside for 3 whole hours?? Damn it! Duno what their brains are used for. Bloody hell...
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Was doing my EPM.. Or rather.. Trying to do my work when i started sketching on rough paper.. Reminds me of some anime outfit. I think i watch too much anime..

Am thinking of getting the Jang Nara box set cut can't wait to QkQk finish the show.. lalala.. I also manage to book my dad to go down to Ikea wif me tmw! Whee~ Ask him down for manpower lah.. I so small.. How to lug all my stuff up n down Ikea by myself? If i had a brother, i would pull him along. But as luck would haf it.. All i haf are women.. Only one guy in my family.. Bo bian, no choice already. Ask him loh.. Hehe..

Suppose to accompany my classmate to the cinema today to watch turn left turn right but in the end i decided not to go cuz i was really lagging behind in my EPM. So they r out tonight n i'm here watching my teevee.. Turn left turn right can wait. I think my sis will go buy the vcd. I'll juz wait for it to come.