September 8th, 2003



Yeah! I haf gained wt! 2kg! And tt means more exercise so that fats dun collate in some u sightly parts of the body. My younger sis also took her wt.. And she's almost my wt! She's 43! And she's 6 yrs younger than me.. So that means each yr she's to gain 1 kg to match my wt.. No lah.. I think i'm talking nonsense.. If ttz the case i'll become a fatty by the time i'm 30.. *touch wood*

What led to this increase in wt. Let's see. 1st, it's the holidays.. And i've been eating junk food and snacks from friday. And went to Fish n co for dinner on sat. Had Seoul Garden on sun. And had dim sum lunch today. Den juz now had thing huge bowl of soup my mom cooked.. I basically finished all the soup that my family could not finish.. Now feeling v v bloated..

Lunch was good with the gals.. NEver had so much fun. And Yaya was our mental calculator. During the last round of orders she told us how much we would haf to pay. Not bad wor.. Eat full full pay only $10.. Wee~ Next time i wanna go there again!!!

Tmw will be gg for a quick lunch wif takira & elementz. After tt will haf to go down to teach jacksen. Den will either go meet Maggie or go for another tuition session wif CP. If not i shall come bk home and mug more! Today will be studying till 3am.. Need to catch up on EPM tonight. Cannot wait any longer. And i've gotten the cat from Ikea! Staying here is pretty good. I always get the cat from Ikean delivered to my doorstep. Can start planning my room decor already. Although my dad's stuff id getting on my nerves.. Gonna reach the roof already. After i finish my decor of the room i will take pics and let u see what i mean. His rubbish juz kills whatever fengshui my room has.. Grrr...

Gonna go and start on my EPM now. Oh, and muz remember to exercise!!! Now suddenly got heavy rain. Juz when i openly proclaimed to Josh n YC that it's not raining a tiny bit here..
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