September 7th, 2003


Oh! Happy day~

Wanted to wake up at 9 but got up at 10 instead. But i still managed to clean up a little of my room b4 i relac one corner. So most of my books are stacked away in a corner now. Will haf to start throwing stuff away already leh.. Or else new things can't come in..

Den i pigged out in front of my Pc eating junk ang lunch. Almost finished with the Get backers series now. In the middle of it all, i realised that i was gonna be late for dinner.. So i QkQk went to get ready. As i was abt to get out of the hse.. Karen msged me that she will be late.. Den Ray said he reach liao.. But in the end i got to Fish n Co. b4 him. Tt guy walks sooo slow.. Duno y.. Size so big but walk like never eat enuf lidat. =p Anyway, when i got there.. Saw so many pple there waiting to be seated! -_-" Nevertheless, we waited and finally got a seat at ard 1530. I decided not to go for the seafood platter cuz i've been eating tt dish too many times this mth. Decided to go for the swordfish collar. So we ordered 2 sets of swordfish collar. Were told tt it'll take abt 30mins for the food to be ready. What the heck. Anything but seafood platter.

As we were waiting for the food.. I spied some familiar faces coming down the stairs.. But i couldn't remember any of their names.. Only remembered that i saw one of the guys in jaz_aug's journal.. cuz got the distinctive goatee.. such unique qualities r good when u wanna remember someone.. =) And after our food arrived, i saw jaz_aug and wenn coming down as well.. So takira is definately celebrating his huge b'dae + lj outing up above. Decided to drop him a msg and started to chop up the huge pan of fish in front of me.. B4 i could advance any further, takira called and asked me to go up n say hi. So i was like.. should i go n say hi and leave my food in the lurch? (pig mah.. haha.. need to eat constantly) Decided to juz go up for a little while..

Spotted the HUGE grp of pple up there.. Wahh!!! So many pple!!!! I wasn't expecting such a huge crowd. So congratulated tak and barely glanced at the pple there.. Most of whom i did not noe. Cuz today burfdae boi center of attraction mah. So i basically juz talked to him for a short short while.. jaz_aug looks really good wif her "fly fly" hair.. An wenn as usual looks v v babelicious.. and the guys? ah... Never really notice them much cuz i duno them.. Also never read their lj.. Never see their pics b4.. And this guys called David.. Never even heard of his name n LJ.. Den the now defunct sky_79 was there too.. Tt was all the pple i recognised.. The rest.. cannot remember who they are anymore.. Apparently, elementz was there too.. But he never intro himself.. So till now i still duno who he is. =( Nvm lah.. There'll be a next time.

Went bk down to continue wif food. Karen finally came.. Late for almost 2hrs.. But we still had fun suaning Ray lah.. Done wif the food.. We decided to get out of tt darn cold place.. Cuz our table was right below the aircon. Spotted a huge grp of pple taking photos.. Lolz.. The LJ cam whores at work lehz! Make so much noise!! Hahaha.. Not like my tiny grp who barely made a whimper when we left. =p

Down to Ps to catch the movie "Oh! Happy day~" So farni!! Loved the gal's mouth! V expressive.. And the guy too!! So good looking!! But his eyes like v dead leh.. Still, he's drool-worthy.. Laughed for quite a bit.. Next show, My tutor fren! =) *beams* Everyone made their way home.. Cuz tmw still got Big Walk!! I totally forgot abt it till my mom reminded me this morning. Now v v xian of such things cuz after the walk i will still haf to go Ikea and go teach tuition.. Nvm.. Now muz try out positive thinking.. tuition = money.. money = shopping!! Yeah!! But i seriously dun shop a lot.. Only that i do spend a lot when i go shop. Now for phase 2: Stop shopping so much!!!

Now sitting here.. Listening to Ultrasound.. Wif a free flow of liquor beside me.. Ahh... *sips* bliss~~ Dun haf to mingle wif the hot & sticky bodies in the clubs. And the cocktails i mix r not diluted at all either!! Not diluted den got kick mah.. But muz not drink too much either.. Bad for the body leh.. Envy duz celebs who and eat drink and be merry without aging.. *envy* *sips more*

Next up, muz get Tequila so tt i can make shots!! *twinkles* Oh yar, the wae the gal in the movie drinks is pretty stylo.. And got love shot n hug shot n well! Soo sweet!! Of cuz.. All these do not happen in clubs.. And the tactic of jumping off the bridge to get a guy is too dangerous.. Kids.. Do not try it anywhere.. ;p Time to sleep now. Big walk is tmw!!
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Big walk

普通朋友 詞曲: David Tao

等待 我隨時隨地在等待 做你感情上的依賴
我沒有任何的疑問 這是愛 我猜 你早就想要說明白
我覺得自己好失敗 從天堂掉落到深淵
多無奈 我願意改變 (what can I do?)
重新再來一遍(just give me chance)
我無法只是普通朋友 感情已那麼深 叫我怎麼能收手
但你說 I only want to be your friend 做個朋友
我猜妳心中只是 just a friend 不是情人
我感激妳對我這樣的坦白 但我給你的愛暫時收不回來
So I 我不能只是 be your friend I just can't be
your friend no,no,no,我不能只是做你的朋友

Went for the walk early this morning.. Due to the fact that i did not haf enuf sleep the night b4.. I basically completed the walk in a zombified mode. Completed the thing fast fast den went ard the tents to look see a little b4 coming bk home. Dun think i will be getting my computer table today.. Or maybe i should go down to Ikea now..
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