August 29th, 2003



Realised that the b'dae mth is here again. The time of the yr where so many virgos are born into this little world. =p And also the mth where i'm asked to a lot of parties and most of them not for me.. Lolz~ Ok.. So this yr is slightly diff.. got a record number of invitations to celebrate my b'dae.. Suddenly feel v xing fu.. Maybe also feel v wanted all of a sudden. Hahaha..

So i'm pretty booked for this weekend. And prob all of the weekdays for next week will be packed as well. Trying not to flood my term break as well. Den i can study in the morning and go out at night and perhaps also go teach a few more lessons of tuition as well.. Muz try to gif them more lessons cuz all of them having their exams soon. Kenny showed improvement in his eng n maths. As for his science. He hasn't gotten his results bk yet but i believe he can score a pretty good grade. I haf absolute confidence in him.

Hm.. Shall leave updating for tmw.. I need to catch up on my Zzzz.. Nitez pplez~
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Friday in sch...

In sch lib now. Waiting for time to pass so that i can attend my e280 lec and go home n take a nap b4 i go teach tuition. But b4 i take a nap.. Muz remember to do my laundry cuz i haf run out of jeans to wear.. Basically, i have not done my laundry for a long time and all my clothes are piling up. And all my 14 pairs of jeans are in the laundry bag. I haf to wash them separate cuz their colours run n they r really think. Throwing them in with my other clothes will ensure tt my clothes do not get washed clean enuf. Basically ran out of jeans to wear, so i wore my checkered skirt to sch. It isn't v often that i wear such a skirt to sch cuz i look v demure in it. hehe.. And so when i got to sch and the 1st thing LH said to me was. Wah.. Wear skirt ah? Den during the FnM lec W saw n went how come wear skirt today? Trying to look demure rite? No use ah.. Look demure but actions still as horrible.. What the ~!@#$%^. =p So i better get some laundry done. In the meantime. I shall try to rummage thru my wardrobe n see if i can find anything that looks a bit more me. Now i feel like duz working adults. Duno where LH n W are. They r somewhere in the lib but none of them r anywhere near me cuz the com terminals near me are all occupied. Muz be out there somewhere looking and pretty babes.

Yay! I think takira is gonna organise an LJ outing so that i get to see some of my LJ frens. I noe that i'm v suay.. Eevrytime cannot attend any of those LJ events. But nvm.. All that will change during my one week break. It'll be intensive eating and studying combined and of cuz going out wif pple!! Wanna meet cutedwogy cuz everytime he's free, i'm not. So even though we live near one another, we still haven met up yet. Hehe.. Also noe that elementz b'dae is either ard te corner or juz passed cuz he's a virgo too!! Now u noe what i emant when i said many pple r born in this time of the yr. Prob parents are all trying their best in making babies during the festive period of x'mas and the lunuar new yr. Hence the number of babies born in the mth of aug n sept. Also wanna meet some other pple that i've heard so much abt in LJ. Like jaz_aug, mariepangrace, poopee, jerubbaal and many more. But for now.. I think a few at a time 1st.

Am going to Holland v tmw to celebrate my b'day. Prob a simple meal at one of the restaurants there and go for the main event of the evening. GELATO!!! Wee~~~ Although i haf not been there b4.. I shall try to rummage thru the place with directions like: it's near the windmill and it's to the left of the junction and opp the pet shop. Directions courtesy of takira I dun think i've seen a pet shop in HV b4. I only saw the florist leh.. Who else has better details of tt Gelato shop? I've only been to the NYDC and Thai express end of tt street. So is it anywhere near tt or is it at the other end of the street?

10 more mins and i'll haf to scoot outta here and off to the lec theater. Hmm.. Will wonders never cease. elementz b'dae falls on the same day as mine!!! Will haf to bear tt in mind.. So tmw gg to HV. And on Sun i'll be at Swensen's crown prince!! Yeah!! I juz lurve ice cream!! Heehee~ Still remembered what happened in Sec 4 b'dae celebrations. Basically i was made to finish the entire large earthquake by myself. Evil D, Da n Nick. I still remember that i did not touch ice cream for mths after tt. Dun even wanna walk near Swensens or ice cream for tt matter. I was on an ice cream free diet for 3 whole mths! So sunday at swensens it is. Who will be attending? I guess it's the usual bunch of ple. Marie, Josh Derek, Pam, perhaps Karen and anybody else? I haf no idea. But i actually suggested them to go to sakae for lunch. We can go n attack it's sushi buffet which happens from 3-5 i think.. No idea if tt happens on weekends as well but no harm trying!

Think i run off now. Or else i'll be late for lec again.. As for LH n W, i think they busy bioing xiao mei meis so i shall not disturb them. Will meet them in the LT instead. Bye now~
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Bk home...

Came bk home a happy gal.. Cuz i was talking wif W on the trip bk and we were discussing abt cars. And so he asked what's the 1st car that i wanna buy. And i said.. I dun haf the cash.. So he said what if i haf the $? My answer? A Ferrari of cuz! Lolz. But i'll be driving it in some other part of the world.. Not in Singapore. If i drive such a fast car here, i would prob die of fustration when i haf to stop at all the traffic lights. Den suddenly got reminded of D and his stupid 2mth Ferrari. Such a waste of $$$. If u ask me.. I'd say that it was worth it. But not for only 2mths of pleasure. *tsk tsk* Anywae, we decided that the 1st car that we wanna drive will be an Evo. With a terrace house to boot!!! Dreams... =)

Anyway, got bk to a quiet peaceful house.. Was watching Get backers when the door bell rang. Postman! Got parcel for me!!!! Yay!! My 1st present has arrived!! Wee~~~ It's from D and i got a black long sleeved top and a brown short skirt. Both from A|X! Yay!! Den got a call from him b4 i left for tuition. So long never hear from him already! Only "spoke" to him on the net. So crapped a bit and did all my thank kews.. Left for tuition early cuz CP wanted to haf tuition early.

So now tuition's over.. I'm happy with my prezzie.. It actually arrived on time!! Hee~ Ok, so it always arrives on time. I'm juz trying to make myself even happier than usual. And i'm really on cloud 9 rite now. Lalala~ hmm.. will take the pics of the outfit laterz.. Well, this madness only happens once a yr.. So dun worry abt me going mad.

Gonna go haf my dinner now! I haf gotten all 4 of the Mac's dog's cushions. Gonna throw them ard for now. Gonna clean my room next Fri when i come bk from my investiture. And den go Ikea to invest in a computer table for my com and by Sunday. I want everything to be set up all nice n dandy.. And fit for a human to live in. Right now.. My room is only fit for a pig like me to live in lah. When i clean up my room. My status will be elevated to a human being.. So.. Next week's target.. Human. =p


Juz finished watching The channel U horse show. Argh! Dumbo died! What happened??? Y let the poor horse die?? Die of intensive nose bleed somemore!! *sad*
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