August 25th, 2003


Tired.. Lab report.. Sleep.. Shower..

Found out tt W already has a gf. Goodness.. Ah well, off to find better and more available prey.

Was suppose to haf lunch with Gary and Kiwio today but in the end had lunch with LH, ZH and L instead. So pang seh the both of them lah. Sori guys~

Was having lunch when i got a msg from my fren asking if my b'dae's coming soon and if i was free on tt day.. So, yeah, it's coming soon and no one's gonna be celebrating it for me cuz i've been keeping quiet abt it all this while..(getting old liao mah) So not many pple knows abt it. and i gues nobody really cares. Everyone has been pretty busy lately and tt includes me. Was actually hoping tt D would be coming bk so he can bring me down to Lawry's but think tt it's not gonna happen. My frens r all too broke to accompany me there and all the pple who r not broke are not of the right.. frequency. There'll also be no tour round town to enjoy all the food all over town. *sigh* And i suddenly feel like eating Swensens now. Will also haf to attend C's farewell party tt evening. Or rather, Sun morning. Cuz he's b leaving for Taiwan for his army soon. Will be there for 6mths with a trip bk in Jan. I guess i'll be there late since it's gonna be an overnight thing. Actually wanted to ask some frens to go down to bar noone for a drink or two but no one seemd to haf heard of tt place. Ah well, diff grp of frens haf diff tastes.. My bar none frens all somewhere else where's it's happening.. *bleah*

Basically, did not make plans to go shopping on my b'dae like i usually do. Cuz this time i haf to try to finish my tuts ASAP. If nobody is asking me out. I will stay at home and do my thang. Cuz i've been too busy with my kids to do any of my tuts. Was also rushing to finish my report a while ago.. As of now, my printiner is printing it. Will also haf to study for my quizzes next week. Oh shoot. Forgot abt my quiz tmw..

Am going for AGM tmw, buying the medallion tix for a dollar each. Still do not know when they'll be screening the movie. Juz hope that i'll be able to catch it. Met Limhan after sch to pass him his present. Hope he likes it. Was rushing off for tuition so juz scooted off after passing it to him..

Saw another Porsche today. This time a silver one. My fav colour for cars. Suddenly felt the urge to get a license. But i'll get it next yr i guess. At least i will be taking my theory papers next yr. The car will always come after the apartment. Now, ttz still a long way to go unless heaven smiles on me and some kind of miracle happens to me.

Did not sleep much last night as i was too engrossed in chatting wif D and Da. We were all waiting for the Real Madrif math to start. After watching the lousy match. I decided to go sleep for an hr or two cuz i was really v v tired. Woke up at 7 to go to sch, feeling like a panda.

Got to pass up my report tmw. Am skipping my econs lec to go do tt cuz my Econs lecturer cannot make it and tmw there's no break in my lesson from 830-430 and after tt there'll be the AGM. Finally finished printing my report. Time to sleep. Nitez pple~
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